Naturally dyed eggs

I love this time of year. The blossoms are blossoming, the trees are busting buds, the grass seems extra green, and sadly, my allergies don't like any of it. But, I love it. Really, I do! Something deep inside me gets all buzzely with excitement. It's spring - a fresh new start!...more

Traditions - Do families even have them anymore?

It's the holidays again and regardless your religious practices or beliefs, traditions are what give commonality to a family gathering.  Sometimes traditions might be all they share in life anymore. It is still very important to do if you have gotten away from it. What traditions do you participate in? Are there traditions you remember but don't follow anymore? Let's talk about it. ~Pam ...more

Motherly Advice

No Santa Claus! Thank God! He lives, and he lives forever....more

The first night of Hanukkah

Last night I had the family over for Hanukkah (10 of us). For the first time in about 30 years I cooked all the meal from scratch. I set a wonderful table in the living room and added Gelt as a gift to take home. Everyone was on time and we started with shrimp and dip and then went to the brisket (sweet), latkes and a green bean dish with bacon bits and bread crumbs. Okay, so it was not a kosher meal. My DIL said this was the first home cooked meal by me in 10 years, since she joined the family. I digress....more

The Great Pumpkin Will Rise!

Being Halloween week, I'm in freak out mode dealing with the Mouse's severe food allergies.  Most cannot relate, and believe me, I realize it could be worse, but man it sucks.  I'm dodging literal egg and peanut bullets around every corner and having to explain to my three young kids that they cannot have that piece of candy gripped in their tiny, little hands.  You can imagine, it doesn't go so well. ...more

How could we not?! more

Pass the Lamb and Gefilte Fish

Religious holidays bring back memories of family at their best and their worst, being together and sharing food with a dash of feud....more

My Mother's Thanksgiving

Of course there is always turkey; its skin golden and and slightly crisp, its meat moist, juicy, and cooked to perfection. The chestnut colored gravy is never lumpy and has a hint of red wine. She doesn’t like what is the best part of the meal for the rest of us, the unparalleled apple, cranberry stuffing. It took years but we finally convinced her to make double the recipe so we wouldn’t fight over the minuscule portions. Side dishes are always the same: rice and sausage casserole, brussel sprouts with bacon and brown sugar  whipped sweet potatoes. ...more

What pressure some of us have to live up to rich culinary traditions!  I had to laugh ...more

Spooky Traditions Are Here to Stay

Trick-or-treat!  These words bring back images from my childhood as well as new traditions with my own family.  The custom can bring out the best from children, the worst from teens, and is loved and hated by adults.  Still, Halloween marks the start of the autumn and winter holiday season, commercialism and all. ...more

I never thought of trick-or-treating in Alaska, it sounds so cold!  But I'm glad that ...more

When TV is Good for Families

(adapted from a post at my main blog, ...more

A Mother's Day Tradition with Meaning

For many years I’ve been blessed to be able to host Mother’s Day brunches that included three generations—my mother and my mother-in-law, my daughter, and myself. When my daughter became a mom six years ago and brought our first grandchild, there were four generations celebrating Mother’s Day. In March, 2004 my beloved mother-in-law passed away at the age of 93. I knew it was going to be a difficult Mother’s Day for my husband without his mother. I wanted to do something meaningful that would both honor and remember our mothers. ...more