Another Cockamamie Christmas Tree

I know I haven't written in a while what with being busy with work and that whole Christmas thing, but this blog about a bog should make up for it. ...more

Your Family Traditions are Weird!

  Let me start by saying our family used panty hose for Christmas stockings. Do you know how far panty hose stretch and how much you can stuff in them? ...more

She Just Got Married...Your Family Traditions are Weird!

    Let me start by saying our family used panty hose for Christmas stockings. Do you know how far panty hose stretch and how much you can stuff in them? ...more

Fishnets!!  That would be FUN! just make one and ...more

Traditions, resolutions, and the quest for stabilizing family influences

I spent a little time today searching the Net for New Year's traditions, both old and new. My little family needs the aura of stability created by tradition. If I had had more time, I would've celebrated Kwanzaa this year, a celebration with family-grounding traditions, but my life was a little too chaotic this December, which was par for the course in 2007 and previous years. ...more

Really enjoyed this. We broke with tradition ...more

A Christmas Tree with Purpose

Alternate Title:  "How to purposefully decorate your Christmas Tree". subtitle:  Christmas-time at our House: part 2 This is the 2nd installment in my Christmas-time at our House series.  We do holiday things differently around our house.  After all, it IS my house and I'm OK with being weird.  The weekend of U.S. Thanksgiving, usually on Sunday afternoon, my family has always put up the Christmas tree.  Since we're all allergic to real trees, we could make this work with our lovely fake imitation Christmas tree.  (I don't guess you can do that with a REAL tree, eh?  Fire hazard and all...)  What does a Christmas tree have to do with Christmas anyway?  Martha Zimmerman talks about the origin of the Christmas Tree in her book, Celebrating the Christian Year.  I won't go into detail about all the tree stuff.  It basically has very little to do with Christ's birth at all, but it has been very much a part of the Christmas tradition since Victorian times at least.  ...more

Advent Calendar Angst

Cross posted at Flamingo House Happenings and brought here because this is one of the things I thought of when I read Mir's post about blending holiday family traditions. I said this morning on Twitter that we had successfully decorated the house and tree last night - with all six children (and two extra significant others) and no fights or meltdowns. This was true. But the Advent Calendar Angst has begun - quietly, so far. ...more

I love them, but man they drive me nuts.

The older girls and I came home from IKEA and the ...more

25th Day of Kislev

A few years ago, my daughter and I were watching the local news. Thanksgiving had just passed and the station had taken a viewer’s poll to ask how people felt about Christmas decorations going up before Thanksgiving. I will never forget one viewer’s response because it brought us a good chuckle. The viewer had suggested that Thanksgiving be changed to September to allow everyone more time to shop. It seemed like forgive me, such a stupid comment. What stopped this woman from beginning her Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving? ...more

Question of the Week: Are your family traditions a little "quirky"?

I got an e-mail from Denise the other day asking me if I would write the lead in for unusual family traditions. I didn't know if I should be flattered or offended. Is it THAT obvious that I have an unusual family? Maybe she read the post I wrote a while back about how we used to play "Let Me Clear My Throat" by D.J. Kool every night to signify bath time. Possibly she knew that my husband and I always give each other anniversary cards that are entirely inappropriate for the occasion, and often in languages that we don't speak, or maybe somebody told her that every Easter I pull out the little cardboard animals out of the bottom of the PAAS Easter egg dye kits and write phrases from the movie "Deep Cover" on them and then mail them to my brother (back when we lived at home we used to just hide them in each others bedrooms). ...more

I blogged this topic on my blog. Got problems? life treating you badly? need a place to vent? ...more