Ten Tips for Planning Family Summer Vacations

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means: Summer Vacation Planning Time! But, before you roll your eyes and groan, I want to give you a few pointers that may make your planning easier and even a little bit fun. Planning vacations is one of my favorite things to do, and I think I can help make it fun for you too with these ten easy steps to summer vacations. ...more
Thanks for the advice on trip planning. Your pictures at Disneyworld made me really want a ...more

How To Deal With Hostile Flight Attendants Without Getting Arrested

It's an interesting juxtaposition of events:One: Airlines are streamlining their budgets, trying to cut costs on everything from food to baggage and of course, personnel. The result: overworked, underpaid airline staff who have to juggle the dual role of being glorified bus boys with terrorist-fighting 007's AND impatient, frustrated passengers, sick of airlines trying to get them to pay more for less and less and less....more

A Vermont Family Getaway

Being Better at Sugarbush

Family Volunteer Vacation in Costa Rica

Different people want different travel experiences, of course; the diversity of options is part of what makes vacation time so universally appealing. Using a holiday to get out of one's comfort zone can also help to both appreciate our lives and the lives of others in the world as well. This is why, last Christmas, my family packed up our bags and we spent our Christmas holiday outside of their comfort zone, doing service work in Costa Rica....more

Smugglers' Notch, Vermont


Defining Moment

Three more Reverb10 prompts to go, holy cow I think I will actually do this daily blog/writing thing this month! Hooray for me. Today's prompt asks about a defining moment or series of events that affected my life this year. I think I'm going to take a spin on this a bit (really, what else is new?) and talk instead about a defining moment/series of moments that defines my LIFE in 2010. And that is, the proverbial Death March to the Jefferson Memorial, July 13, 2010....more

New York City With 2 Small Children - a Photo Essay, post 1 of 2

We were in New York City recently for the marathon. [1] My husband runs, for the curious. This was #11, his first New York. His brother ran as well (#6 or 7, also first NY.) It was fantastic weather the whole weekend, we walked EVERYWHERE, and yes, even though I didn't run a marathon I got blisters. Only me... At any rate, here's our photo essay, enjoy!...more

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto

As a child I remember going to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (RAWF) on school trips. It was somewhere I had never been to with my family and was the most amazing place. I encourage parents who live in the Greater Toronto Area to try a family trip to the RAWF. It’s a great outing with lots of new and educational experiences for kids. The RAWF comes every year during late fall to Toronto and is usually held at Exhibition Place. This year it is being held from November 5th to 14th....more

Basic Trip Packing List for Families with Children

Every time we go on a trip I am somehow the one packing for all five members of this family! So, to make my life easier, I put together what I call a “basic” trip packing list. Depending on where we are going I modify it accordingly, but at least all the essential items are there so I do not have to recreate the list every time. I believe having a basic list such as this is useful for most families taking trips away from home. ...more