The Genealogy Black Hole

Cross-posted from Tiffscribes blog:This past weekend was a wash, work-wise (so much for progress on the next Bastille novel *sigh*). Why? Because I decided to trace my family tree.My grandmother has been ill lately and, since she is my last surviving grandparent, I decided that it might be a good idea to gather her anecdotal rosebuds while I may.[sidebar: why is that we never realize the importance of ancestral history until after the ancestors are gone? *sigh*]...more

Twisted Branch of the Family Tree

I'm a bit of a history nut.  I love old things, especially if they have a story to tell.  It's probably because I didn't have much of a history to begin with.  I knew my mom and my maternal family, but I didn't have a clue who my biological father was or my paternal family.  See, my biological father skipped town after my parents divorced.  The reason is not known but was probably related to his having to pay child support ($75.00 a month, yep, just $75.00 a month) or the fact I have a half brother who was born 4 months before me.  The mystery deepens...  ...more

Stylized Genealogy by MyTree and Me

Though all of us are curious about our roots and sometimes even fascinated by our family history, genealogy used to be perceived as a dry artform practiced by the retired folks, i.e....more

Family Tree...

The makings of a family tree. Me, my Mr. Momma, Lala, and Little Em, all branches reaching out, striking for the sky.Am I the trunk?Shit. Probably.Will I stay still and watch everyone grow around me, reaching up, up, up?...more

Blame my Grandmother for The King's Speech

Blame my Grandmother for The King's Speech? The King's Speech (film) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...more