An Open Letter to the Sister I Don't Know

November is almost here which means it’s coming up on your birthday. You’ll be fifty this year which I’m sure you can’t believe. Your son, C, has graduated high school and your daughter, G R is full on into her teenage years. I know that you’re still in the state we grew up in. I’m sure you’re still as beautiful as you ever were. But that is the extent of my knowledge about you, my sister – the only one I have and never really knew. Over the weekend I received notification that I had two new followers on my professional Twitter page....more
Heartfelt...I can only hope your sister and you are able to make amends. I too lost touch with ...more

How to be a game show contestant (and my first infographic)

One of the very few let downs of my new apartment was my basic cable package, which I found out  does not include Comedy Central, FX, ESPN, E!, or MTV- --There go my daily doses of Daily Show, Colbert Report, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Sports, and my absolutely-necessary trash TV shows. Fortunately, the one channel I still have, which *almost* makes up for not having any of the others in my life… The Game Show Network....more