A Trip to Hanoi Inspires Bánh Mì Crostini and Vietnamese Pâté

We had a wonderful four days....more
I love Bánh Mì and I love how you recreated it in the form of these beautiful crostini.more

Living Small

Welcome to our tiny home on wheels! We've taken a few weeks to get acquainted with our new place (and each other again) and situated a bit. But we are settled in now and thought you might like to see the place the four of us have made our new home!...more

New Orleans Vacation Installment One.

It has been a tough time for the last few months to attempt to write my blog.  I make everything by myself and use the funds from a percentage of my pay from a part time job to pay for the trials. The job has been more off than on so it has been harder for me to purchase supplies. I have also been having a tough time writing.  Between the Peri menopuase and just feeling at loose ends since coming back from New Orleans I just haven't written lately.  I also have had trouble not speaking my mind about a few controversial news items....more

The Brown Cardinal

Join the Brown Cardinal Adventure! This is where will will share our adventures with you as we travel around in a tent, RV, house or an apartment somewhere, everywhere and anywhere! We are a nomadic family that can't seem to keep still for very long. We try but always wonder what more there is to see, do and enjoy. We love the land, see and two of us love the sky! We hope that our travels encourage you to go on your own adventures.   ...more