2 Attractions For Family Trip in Tenerife!

These two attractions are the most popular ones in the whole Spain! Especially for family travels.Tenerife is the largest island in an archipelago of the 7 Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It is also the most populated island in Spain....more

Our Williamsburg Trip, Part 2: Old Cars & Busch Gardens

I had to divide this into a few pieces, because there was just too much FUN to stick in one post! If you missed, it you can read Part 1: The Timeshare here.After we escaped our timeshare meeting, we grabbed some breakfast at one of the half-dozen pancake houses in the area. We ended up at the Capitol Pancake House and I can vouch that their pancakes and coffee were amazingly delicious!...more

a moment in monte rio

Last weekend we drovethe two hours up to Monte Rio, finally visiting Karen's cabin....more

The Family Road Trip: I'm Driving With Hannibal Lecter Next Time

The average American drives 12,000 miles a year. If you are married with children, you must multiply that number by 28 since each mile traversed is like an uphill climb on a sheer mountain pass littered with glass shards. And you’re without shoes. Or legs. The GPS readout on a family road trip goes a little like this. ...more

Where you on my last road trip?more

You Just Don't Say the F Word in Disneyland...

You Just Don’t Say the F-Word at Disneyland   ...more