Toddler Travel Essentials

With the thawing snow and increased sunshine this time of the year, we always start to think about our summer vacation plans. Since this undertaking will involve traveling for an extended period of time with an active two-year-old, it's going to take some planning and strategic packing to make it all work smoothly. Well, as smoothly as anything can when a toddler's involved. Am I right? #littlewrenchthrowers Let's just say figuring out what to bring on a road trip with a little one involved can be a bit of a challenge....more

Family Friendly Vacation #AllureoftheSeas

I have always loved to travel.  Becoming a parent puts a spin on vacation but I was determined not to stop traveling and not to leave my kids at home while I discover new things.  As I prepare for another cruise with my babies I wanted to post about my son's first cruise when he was 15 months old.  This upcoming cruise will be his 3rd cruise and he is almost three years old.  My daughter will only be 8 months old when we sail.  As a person who cruised 14 times without kids and now a frequent cruiser with kids, I have a unique perspective on how to enjoy this type of...more


It's nearly August....more