A landmark for Jerri's Empty Nest!  My Facebook fan page has hit one hundred likes!I realize that doesn't seem like a lot...some blogs number their fans in the thousands.  To me, every single one of the hundred is precious! I am probably the world's worst at self-promotion.  The fact that I have attained the magic number of 100 has me absolutely ecstatic! ...more

How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Blog

Do you have a blog, business, or book? Want to keep your Facebook account for conversing with friends about what you ate for lunch but have a public page where you can talk about new blog posts, send out information about a product, or engage in a discussion on ideas all relevant to a single topic? Then you need a Facebook fan page. But... you think... aren't Facebook fan pages for people who have fans? Like Justin Beiber? ...more
wellcome im my posted about that ...more

A Bit of Business Part Three

Just a bit more today on the Facebook fan page.Facebook rates the success of a fan page by the number of fans and the amount of interaction.  So what exactly does that mean?Facebook tracks the number of people who have liked the page.  The more likes, the more successful the page is considered.  In addition, it counts how many people have viewed each individual post. ...more

A Bit of Business Part Two

Today we're going to cover a tiny bit...my Facebook fan page. This is the easiest way while on Facebook to keep up with the daily posts.  And it's easy!  All you have to do is "Like" the page.  Once you've liked the page, you can choose the option to not only have the posts show in your daily news feed, but also receive a notification whenever a new post is published....more

Just a Bit of Business

I need to take time today to just cover a bit of business so please bear with me...When visiting my blog, please click on the ads!  I'm not asking you to buy anything...just click on the ads.  My blog generates income off the number of ad clicks.  Granted, it's only a couple of cents per click, but it adds up!  If you would be so kind, please click when you're done reading each day's post....more

Did You Know?

If you're on Facebook, have you liked my fan page?  You can find it here:  Jerri's Empty Nest .The advantage?  With the new timeline format on Facebook, you can directly message me from the fan page.  With that option, you can speak to me privately if you have a question or comment you would rather not post in a public comment on the blog, fan page, or BlogHer....more
 @SunbonnetSmart.com Yay!!!  Come on over!!more

6 Keyword Strategies to Boost Your Social Media Effectiveness

All businesses are looking for that competitive edge. Companies are turning more and more to social media as another online marketing channel to target and reach customers. In their haste to develop profiles, make connections and build relationships, one significant ingredient is often overlooked — keyword use in social media.Read more here:http://www.websuccessteam.com/WSTblog/2010/05/6-keyword-strategies-to-boost-your-social-media-effectiveness/...more

How to Create & Maintain a Facebook Fan Page

A Facebook fan page can be a great tool for your business, personality or endeavor.  It serves as a fun way to update interested parties about what’s new and what’s news and is especially effective since so many people are already turning to Facebook as a means of staying connected. Before you create a Fan Page, make sure this is the right option for you.  Sometimes people confuse Facebook fan pages and groups.  I’ve ...more

Do You Need a Facebook Group or Fan/Brand Page?

Do You Need a Facebook Group or Fan/Brand Page? ...more