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There needs to be a Blog Her topic that includes random maundering about the general upkeep of your various journals and blathering about your less professional areas of writing. But there isn't. There should also be a Blog Her topic that involves "real" journal writing, as in "the general events of the day and or random things that occur to me." But there isn't....more

Pioneering Trends and Finding Faces


In which she had an impact

Sometimes you meet a person who is on the periphery of your life and yet they can have the most enormous impact in such unexpected ways.  Yesterday, one such person in my life died; she was 25 and honestly, I barely knew her.  Right now you’re probably asking how she impacted my life then.  It wasn’t for the way she died; it was for the way she lived.   Last year when times were tough around here because of Keely’s massive surgery and long recuperation, I became involved with an online group of women (and a few men) who had one thing in common.  That...more