Hold That Tiger!

Mia M. Jackson •  Sideline Pass • Up close and sporty! In 1995, Tiger Woods played his first U.S. Open and withdrew due to injury. Since his start, he's won the tournament and won it decisively. He won his first U.S. Open in 2000 with a score of 12-under-par, the lowest score relative to par ever posted in the major tournament. To date, his only the 5th player in history to lead the U.S. Open tournament from start to finish....more

Women’s Sports in the Media and Women in Sports Media - Are They the Same?

Throughout the Women’s Final Four earlier this month in Indianapolis, a number of special interest events took place. Of particular note were two panels that addressed women, sports and the media....more

Fans of women's sports don't need to accept the status quo. Support female athletes by attending ...more

What Does the New Facebook Fan Page Design Mean to Your Marketing!

Facebook is causing quite a "stir" with the new changes. Here below is an article by Bob Speyer – Web Success Team Fifty years ago “Don’t touch that dial!” sent shivers down the collective spine of the baby boomer TV generation. Today a tsunami of a different sort has sent similar shock waves to the Facebook generation. On February 10th Facebook has made an overhaul to their Facebook Fan Page. But don’t rush in to change it before you’ve done your research, particularly if you have custom tabs, the change will affect them....more

Thanking My Stars

 Project Supermom wants to wish all you supermoms, fans, and followers, as well as your families and loved ones, a wonderful Thanksgiving and successful shopping for Black Friday! May you find many a great bargain and enjoy the buzz of holiday shopping...but, most importantly, may you spend this week recounting all the many blessings you have and deserve in your life!...more

I'm Not a "Fan," I Just "Like" You: Facebook Makes It Easier to Commit

Facebook is changing how users can interact with brands. No longer will someone have to go steady with companies or products by becoming a "fan" but can instead date casually by merely "liking" them first. ...more

Thanks for adding your smart perspective, Susan. And I agree, the suggested new language is ...more

Tai Shan: Eats Shoots and Leaves

Panda Fans - brace yourselves: Tai Shan, born at the National Zoo on July 9, 2005 (no bigger than a "Butterstick," his eventual nickname) will be FedExe'd to China Thursday morning, thus concluding Washington's four-year love affair with the only giant panda to survive beyond infancy at the zoo. ...more

I think I must experience this for myself. I am totally open to being swept off my feet by ...more

What Does A Soccer Mom Do When Soccer Is Over?

Thing 2's soccer season capped off yesterday with a thrilling win for the championship title. The boys were undefeated, though they tied twice in the regular season. Unfortunately, Thing 1's team lost their game on Sunday and tied their Saturday game. Next week is her playoffs and then we are done with soccer. No more driving someone to a practice four weeknights a week, no more four soccer game weekends. What to do? How to plan for the future? By signing up for more soccer of course. ...more

I'm living the easy life right now. Only one kid in pee wee soccer, so only one practice and ...more