A Life Achievement Award for a life well-lived

My late husband David G. Hartwell posthumously won a World Fantasy Life Achievement Award yesterday. Here is my acceptance speech delivered at the World Fantasy Convention banquet in Columbus, Ohio by Gordon Van Gelder:...more

On the Free Will Improbability Factor

As a human I’m qualified to point out something ridiculous we do: get terribly worked up waiting for something to happen. Sure, using tools was a great achievement, and mourning the dead was another big day, but at some point we went straight off the rails and let ourselves invent fantasies about what might, what is, and what has happened. I just don’t see a cheetah pacing around muttering about how that stupid wildebeest must have gotten lost and probably isn’t even fat enough to eat anyways....more

Favorite Types of Stories

Blogher Writing LabAugust Theme: TALESWednesday, August 17, 2016 What are your favourite types of stories?Historical fiction is my favorite genre. I love fantasy too. A good family story warms my heart. Putting them all together would make a great novel. That is a project that I’m just starting. I’m currently in the research stage....more

A Mother's Fantasy

Do you ever fantasize about what your life could be?  I do.  In my fantasy, I wake up after a decent night's sleep of 8-9 hours.  Upon awakening, I am filled with energy to start my day, so I have no trouble immediately getting out of bed and starting my day with a nice, warm - uninterrupted - shower where I can leisurely take my time shampooing, conditioning, scrubbing, and shaving.  I then have plenty of time to not only dry my hair, but also style it and put on my makeup.  Then, the perfect outfit automatically pops out of my closet, and I don't have to squeeze, ...more

Rape Fantasies After a Sexual Assault?!

I was 17. It was summer -  I remember the sound of the cicadas. I remember a feeling of desperate panic, and a very sudden realization that there was absolutely nothing I could do.His penis didn't enter my vagina, so it wasn't called rape.  It was called an "unfortunate situation", and a few people whispered about underage drinking and its unintended consequences....more
pddotnet EXACTLY! I felt so... wrong. Ashamed. How could I really have been traumatized if I had ...more

Personal Pace

Time is such a precious and slippery thing.It slips through our fingers whether we want it to or not, and its insistence on doing so whether we like it or not, makes it precious—it’s true to itself.This post is about pace oddity—slowing down or speeding up events that are faster or slower than we’d like them to be, and why.That’s really more about perspective. I feel less of an urge to change the timing of events than to find something more interesting to do to change my perception of the event....more

Non-Fantasy Books for Game of Thrones Fans

After watching the first season of Game of Thrones, I did some screaming and started reading the series the next day. I'm not one to wait. I'm also not one for fantasy, so I don't know what it was about George R.R. Martin and his world, but it drew me in. Since then, I've made attempts at reading other fantasy series, but nothing seemed to click the way A Song of Ice and Fire did. So, what is there to read once you've devoured all of the books and happen to be in between seasons?...more

#7QT Your Next Favorite Book Series

I mentioned last week that I devoured Miss Mabel's School for Girls by Katie Cross (MMSFG). She did a fantastic job of getting me( and a slew of other readers) to turn page after page after page well past our bedtimes. ...more


It's almost Friday again and time for Friday Fictioneers and my tall tale of 100 words. My story is inspired by Stephen King's Lawnmower Man. Our gracious host is Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.  I hope to be able to read some of the others' stories this time as will be heading out on Saturday again. Hoping to get a laptop or more data on my iPhone. I know I got too many She did this....but I'm squished for time.  Critiques welcome. :-)...more

'Prince of Thorns': Bloodthirsty, Epic, Anti-Hero Fun!

When I introduced 'The Book Circle' in my last post, I promised only 'Killer' reads would come from the hallowed minds of the circle... for my first 'Book Circle' review, I have decided to go one better with a truly Killer series. ...more