Fantasy Football Loser

Guys, I’m going to be honest, I’m way too competitive. Not just in the sense that I want to win Monopoly or a game of volleyball. I’m constantly competing with anyone – even strangers- who have the terrible luck of running into me on a given day. Just going to the grocery store is an array of game playing for me. I make a grocery list that has everything in order of store layout. There is no going back and forth through the produce section just to make it to the milk aisle and notice I forgot the asparagus....more

Free Agency and fantasy football

Obviously! The past week and a half of free agency has been one of the most incredible ever! The eagles and patriots I personally believe so far are the NFC and AFC winners of free agent signings. Both have made monster moves, while I have to question why The Packers haven't attempted to make any moves....more

Fantasy football focus

We started a second blog focused on just fantasy football. We had received emails from readers that our fantasy football draft prep, rankings, and news, wasnt easy to find with our other sports news columns. So if you a fantasy football owner and want help getting over that hump to the top of your league follow us. We have the experience, knowledge, and connections to get you through your season. So visit the new blog @ ...more

Fantasy football factor

With The lockout coming to an end, everything will begin to more quick. From free agents possibly changing the landscape, to training camps and preseason games. That mean it is time to begin to prepare for you fantasy football leagues. We have inDepth fantasy coverage that our readers can depend on! We want to make it as easy as possibly for readers to obtain all information they need. We attempted to make a published page from this blog in hopes we could put multiple post on it, but it is not possible. So that is the reason for this post, we went some reader feedback....more

Fantasy sports, and some user advice

We recently rolled out are fantasy rankings for offensive players for the upcoming fantasy football season. We will soon roll out rankings for our individual defensive player rankkns, returnees rankings, defense rankings, and for those who only get return points through the defense they start we will have those rankings aswell. When the draft season approaches we will have print out available for people to print and take with them to there drafts. It will include top 30 in every position, then a top 200 in order....more

Getting ready for fantasy football 2011

With so many people taking part in fantasy football leagues, and allot of them do it for fun and don't prepare that much, we can help get you up to speed and ready. With just a little time and effort you can gain yourself a year worth of bragging right with co-workers, friends, and family member's. We have started our position rankings, and our advice on getting ready for the fantasy draft and season. We will release our top 200 soon and have print outs available for people to take to their draft! So let us help you take your fantasy league by storm!...more

Upcoming NFL season, can we please get some fantasy football

Ive recieved numerous text message's phone calls and emails from some contacts I have in the world of sports over the past week. Most have stated the lock out was going to either be over that nite or with in the week. Now these are people that I and allot of other people trust, probably a few of you do as well. Now Monday's blow up pushed a deal back but a deal is coming and will be done by July. So full training camp and 16 game season, that also means fantasy football is coming and work days are about to be filled with football googles and fantasy transactions....more

Fantasy Football Season: Not Just for the Guys

I've said it before and I'll say it again: fantasy football isn't just for men anymore. This year I don't play in one single league that doesn't have another woman in it. (Now you want to know how many leagues I'm in don't you? Fine. If you must know I have seven teams. Yes, even Yahoo Fantasy Sports thought that seven was too many.) ...more

I started off with one team, just because I wanted to learn more about the game. It ...more

My new toy, and other stuff

I decided to upgrade my cell phone to a Blackberry and get e-mail and Internet service on it, since my company has blocked a bunch of websites and is monitoring Internet usage. With the new phone, during the many, interminable down times at work, I'll be able to surf wherever I please on the Net, and not have to worry about my time online being monitored. So soon I will be able to do Facebook at work again (and MySpace and Twitter and whatever else the company blocks). And blog... ...more