Does Anyone Remember David Givens???

So I was watching the 2001 rewind of the Pats season with my buddy a couple months ago and I could not be more surprised at all the names. Yea I remembered Bruschi and tom and troy but man the names I forgot. People like Roman Phifer ( forgive me if my spelling sucks) and Larry Izzo. these players were such integral parts to the patriots and all had huge parts in the super bowl. but I’m here to talk about hope! with this years team and a possible championship!...more

Surviving Life as a Fantasy Football Wife

I have been married to a fantasy football fanatic for more than 7 years. In this time, I have begged, pleaded, denied, and simply pouted over the fact that yes, I AM a fantasy football wife (FFW). Football itself is okay. I can get on-board with watching a game, both in-person and on TV. I have been known to make a mean seven-layer dip and cheer loudly at every interception and touchdown....more