Fargo, ND- It takes a village...

I've had this post rattling around in my head for weeks now. I want to give it the justice it deserves, so I've waited to write until I had ample time... Turns out I need to make the time. I've learned over the past several months how amazingly lucky my family is to live in Fargo. I almost can't find the words to effectively describe why I feel this way, so I'll tell you a few stories. Warning: I will name names and name businesses. I sure do hope you're all ok with that! ...more

Fargo Far Gone

Once upon a time, I lived in Fargo, ND, that cold, windy, desolate place with an Academy Award winning movie named after it. Tom’s first job out of college took us to this unthinkably isolated part of the country. I remember the day he received the phone call informing us where we would be moving. We were hoping for St. Louis, or Savannah, GA. But I remember him nodding while on the phone and when he said, “And what exactlyis in Fargo?” I about poo-pooed my panties. Fargo?...more