New Fari Jewelry

Spent the first day of the year making some jewelry...they already sold. :) ...more

Head Wraps - A Popular Look for the Fall Season!

Hurricane Irene didn't stop me from enjoying some photo time. I love how this pic of my daughter turned out, featuring a popular head wrap look, which seems to be a hit these days and into the Fall Season! Check out  {Hope everyone has resumed to normalcy after the storm.}...more

An Outdoor Party on a Budget - Reveal!

June 18th has come and gone, and as promised, I have posted pics of my daughter's graduation/birthday celebration. The party was a success! (See my previous posts on Outdoor Party on a Budget on Blogher, and visit my blog for all the party pictures @   Your comments are most welcomed! ...more

Custom Bridesmaids Jewelry

visit to view photos!visit to view photos!...more

Making Masquerade

My daughter's Senior Prom was this past weekend and the theme of the prom was a Masquerade.  She needed a mask to go with her gown, and after some searching on the world-wide-web, we couldn't find exactly what we were looking for. How perfect. It only motivated me to brainstorm and break out the glue gun...a perfect opportunity to get in creative mode. ...more