Who doesn't love a freebie?!  The super frugal part of me loves salvaging, recycling, or restoring  items left on the sidewalk for dumpster doomsday.   I do have standards - "ix-nay" on cruddy couches, old mattresses, and the mounds of cheesy stuff.  Ew.  But, oh boy, my enthusiasm goes through the roof whenever I come across anything that has loads of potential and boasts good quality. Honestly, I can't believe some of the stuff folks toss to the curb!   Yes...I guess you can call me a "curbside shopper."  ...more

An Outdoor Party on a Budget - Reveal!

June 18th has come and gone, and as promised, I have posted pics of my daughter's graduation/birthday celebration. The party was a success! (See my previous posts on Outdoor Party on a Budget on Blogher, and visit my blog for all the party pictures @   Your comments are most welcomed! ...more

Custom Bridesmaids Jewelry

visit to view photos!visit to view photos!...more

An Outdoor Party on a Budget - Part III - More Decorating Ideas

When it comes to a party, for me - it's all about presentation, making guests feel welcomed, and good food!...more

An Outdoor Party on a Budget - Part II

As I continue planning my daughter's combo High School Graduation and 18th Birthday Party, I'm excited to come up with some more ideas.We all see those wooden pallets strewn about near dumpsters just about everywhere. Well did you know they can be used for so many things? Even furniture? Yes!  My son is actually working on making a bed using it inspired me to attempt to make some additional seating for the upcoming party - using pallets!...more

An Outdoor Party on a Budget

I'm in the middle of planning my next party - it'll be a combo High School Graduation and 18th Birthday Party for my daughter. I can't wait! The decor will mainly be shabby chic/vintage.My goal is to be as frugal as I possibly can - so that means flea markets, thrifting, crafting and creating things myself!Here's the low down so far......more

Making Masquerade

My daughter's Senior Prom was this past weekend and the theme of the prom was a Masquerade.  She needed a mask to go with her gown, and after some searching on the world-wide-web, we couldn't find exactly what we were looking for. How perfect. It only motivated me to brainstorm and break out the glue gun...a perfect opportunity to get in creative mode. ...more