Steve Pearce is an Asshat

The is the time of year when people remember to slam one of the most significant fictional characters every created – Scrooge. Everyone knows to abhor Scrooge because he is selfish, embittered, solitary, and unsociable with no more concern for his fellow man than a whelk. He was the epitome of Victorian England’s version of Wall Street. In short, he sucked the hairy meatball....more

Down To Earth Blog Weekly Earthlinks, May 23

Men are from Science, Women are from Fashion and Style: Blogher (cyber-central for women bloggers) chews through the NYT's placement in the Style section of an article about how women are behind in science. Made me wonder about science education (or lack thereof) and how it affects our ability to think critically and intelligently about some of the food issues we discuss here. ...more

Why, Exactly, Does My Broccoli Need to Come from China?

Fast back two months Before Thanksgiving, I sprinted through Trader Joe's and in the frozen section, almost collided with a woman loading green bags into her cart. She exhibited no other signs of hoarding issues, so my cart, smart thing, knew to slow down to investigate. Before I could ask (which I do, often, and recommend, when a grocery shopper is stockpiling), she rolled her eyes as if a facial gesture could explain the apparent lunacy of emptying a freezer, then went on, "My kids love this stuff. Thank goodness, it's something so good for them!" She handed me the last bag of Greens with Envy, a pound of organic frozen mixed vegetables, broccoli, beans, spinach, asparagus tips and edamame beans, for $2. ...more

I live in China right now and I wash everything twice (1st with bleach water!) I have seen what ...more

Why Are We Subsidizing Obesity?

Why Are We Subsidizing Obesity? I just got back from Whole Foods (aka "Whole Paycheck"), and as I'm looking over the sky-high receipt, I'm mulling over a conversation I had with my mom the other day about food for the children. My mom thinks that the organic movement is a certain amount of sound and fury over nothing... a storm in a teacup, if you will. Some scientists agree. My mom also doesn't buy bottled water on a regular basis... and she was right about that one. Am I just a sucker paying more than I have to? ...more