Instructions for a Rain Dance.

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmHave you ever seen a rain dance?No?Here, let me explain the steps...1) Replace the tires on the wheelbarrow. Invent a few new cuss words while you're fighting with the #@*&% cotter pins.2) Shovel and pitch all the old, nasty, smelly bedding....more

The Drought, Part 2---The Scarcity of Feed...

The Scarcity Of Animal Feed…The plan of moving cattle off of pastures and into the feed yard is a good way to conserve grass and maintain the breeding herd for as long as possible.  All animals that are not going to be used to “make babies” are moved to the next step of the beef cycle which is into the feed yard....more

The Drought, Part 1---The Fall Run in July?

The Fall Run—In July?...more

Wonderstruck Outdoor Adventures

What have you been wonderstruck by this week?For me it was time spent outside with friends by a river and at a farm. It was the woodland creatures that have been scuttling and fluttering through our yard now that the weather is warm. It was the taste of strawberries fresh from the patch.  ...more

What food should your family eat? I have just had a great opportunity to visit New York City and spend a few days talking to Editors about food, farming and even some political issues facing the farm. The questions I have heard over and over are about Organic, Local and food safety. I want to break down my thoughts on these issues and I hope it helps you out the next time you go to spend your hard-earned dollars on food....more

This little Pig

Learn where your food comes from!These little pigs are out in the fields all day, these little pigs only eat grass and grains, this little pig can come home with me!Imagine a pork farm with no smell, where pigs have room to move and are fed with grass and grains.  It is hard to go back to anything else once the discovery is made....more

Child Labor-Zweber Farms Style

There has been a lot of buzz around new regulations on child labor on farms. On our farm the safety of our children is number one. We try to protect them from dangerous situations and teach them how to recognize and avoid dangerous spots too.One of the best ways to teach safety is to show safety. “Monkey see, Monkey do” We want our kids witnessing us all being safe on the farm. That means they often tag along with us on age appropriate jobs. This week the boys came along with me while I fed calves and heifers....more

Sunday Social - Frex

Anne KimballBringing Borya Home...more

Farm Friday - Rat Training

Anne KimballBringing Borya Home ...more

Field Trip To Redland

This is a story of a field trip inspired by ten empty canning jars. My impromptu marmalade making left me with ten brand new half-pint jars that begged to be filled every time my gaze fell upon them. In a moment of brilliance, I started looking up information on South Florida strawberry farms in hopes of filling the jars with farm-fresh strawberry jam....more
What a juicy post! This makes me want to get in the car and travel your path of fresh fruit, ...more