Farm Friday - The Funny Farm

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Eating Local In Fort Lauderdale

Eating food locally grown and raised by small farms practicing sustainable farming is a value that I did not expect to embrace with such dedication. I do not like to be lectured when I shop for groceries so the moral high ground approach is not the reason I care so much. I appreciate the earnestness and passion of our farmers. I certainly applaud them for going against the trend of industrial farming despite the hard labour and low profit. As a consumer, what truly convinced me is that dollar for dollar, I get much higher quality, better variety, and healthier option....more

Chipotle's Farm Ad: Pros and Cons

Chipotle Mexican Grill ran a doozy of a commercial during the Grammy Awards - it's been two weeks and it's still buzzing. The company went all out for its' first national ad buy, a two-minute spot during which it screened a short film celebrating sustainable agriculture. ...more
If a simple commercial can make people at least think about and be aware of the fact that there ...more

Farm Friday - Ponies

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Farm Friday - I Dream of Waterers

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home My Amazon wish list is so stinkin' PATHETIC.I'm sure the wishlists of all my suburban counterparts include books by Harold Robbins or Janet Evanovich. Or maybe they skip the books and wish for a little bling.What did I just add to mine? Oasis Poultry Waterer, On-demand Water for up to 15 Chickens, Turkeys or Ducks by Coop Queen In Stock.Ships from and sold by Coop Queen....more

The Remains of the Day in Sunset Photography

I just want to stop in here early midweek to show you my view on a recent evening while walking from the barn to the house (3/8 mile). In the winter in Missouri we can get the most awesome late day light for photography, so I'm usually "packing" a camera, not heat.....:)Anyway, on this evening sure enough, Ma Nature fired up sort of out of nowhere with a spectacular late day lite show for the sundown feature:...more
Hello there, Julie! I am just catching up on reading and it looks like when I was consumed with ...more

Sunday Afternoon in the Pasture

I went to the pasture yesterday to check on all the cattle. We routinely do that, both of us, as a sort of check and balance system. If one of us misses something, the other one will usually catch it.Everyone is doing fine, and the cows and calves were all relaxing on a winter Sunday afternoon. We've had an open winter, no snow yet and not even much mud. It made for a good time to catch some pics of the fall babies:...more

Farm Friday: Mmmmm.... Expiration Casserole.

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home One good thing about having farm critters: you never have the guilt of throwing (almost) perfectly good food in the trash.Every week when I get home from the grocery store, I spend a few minutes going spelunking in the fridge, pulling things outa there that have seen better days. Lunchmeat past the date but not yet to the point where your face goes all scrunchy? Let Annabelle the farm dog chow down. Rock-hard, stone-cold pizza? That's what we've got goats for....more

Farm Friday - We Bought a Zoo

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I liked it! Cute movie. I'd like to research into the real Benjamin Mee, as this was supposed ...more

Farm Friday - A Day in the Life

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Farm Friday - A Day in the Life   Yes, yes, last week I was awarded that Versatile Blogger's Award....more Hi Sunbonnet! Nice to meet you. Glad you got a kick out of this post. I ...more