Farm Friday - All's quiet on the farm front

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home     It's Friday. Farm Friday.But it's been pretty quiet on the farm lately. No injuries or illnesses, no escapees, no births, no deaths.Maybe I'll just jot down a quick list of what I like about each of the critters. Not as individuals, mind you, but as groups. Just the farm critters, not the dogs and cats and small caged animals....more

Our Bull in the Pasture.....

This is our bull. He's just beautiful, I think. He could use a virtual bath but.....I ran out of time.....:)Have a great Thanksgiving week!~JB"Farm is Where the Heart Is"...more

Working on my farm website tonight.....

Tonight I can already say NaBloPoMo has kicked me in the pants in one work on my farm site and get that updated. I am already reaping benefits from writing......just for the sake of writing or posting SOMETHING. To see the pretty new farm header and a slide show of our cattle, you can go here. I'm proud of our farm and our cattle and horses.Have a great weekend. ~JB"Farm is Where the Heart Is"   ...more

Life Lessons: One stick at a time...

I believe that our youth is the future of our country, and that our prosperity is intrinsically linked to them.  For that reason, I am very involved in coaching youth sports in our local community.  I believe that participating in sports builds strength of character in addition to muscle strength.  I coach soccer, swimming, track, and t ball and I love every minute of it....more

Choices: Lotfotl (living off the fat of the land)

Yesterday afternoon we went to a dinner hosted by the people we buy our CSA shares from.  Down on the farm.  I decided not too long ago, it was a wake up call actually, that I absolutely do not want to buy anything that we consume, from anyone but local farmers.  I'm supporting local farming by doing this and rewarded with fresh produce.  I am still figuring out how to upload photographs, so for now, here is a link to the set from Quinney Farm.  ...more

Watermelon Seeds

The sun beamed down on my pale, freckled skin. I was sitting atop a load of fresh hay as the sweet smell of the bales drifted my way.  ...more

Family's Trademark of "Urban Homesteading" Sparks Debate

This week, a Pasadena, Calif. family sparked passionate debate within the food, gardening and farming communities when they asserted their right to the trademarked terms "Urban Homestead®" and "Urban Homesteading®." Urban farmers, supporters of the movement, food writers and others have loudly protested what they assert is a step across the line when it comes to protection of intellectual property and free expression. ...more

Urban Homesteading trademark was registered in Supplemental Register. It means that it is merely ...more

(Nearly) Wordless Wednesday

On my grandpa's farm, December 28th....more

Creating My Online Presence- YIKES!!!

So, I'm making my first post on BlogHer!  I'm pretty excited, but overwhelmed at the daunting task of having to create my presence online.  What do I share?  How much?  How little?  Will anyone get how weird and wonderful I am?My goal is to entertain.  And inspire.  And connect.  And support.  And share.  It seems like a lot as I look at the words here, but I'm hopeful....more

Farm Subsidies, Frankenfoods and Food, Inc.: What You Don't Often Hear in the Media About Farming

"If you don't take care of your equipment, you will fail," he said. He actually used the word "fail" a lot, which is why I am still amazed anyone would take a chance on farming, let alone both sides of my family, and for so many generations. ...more
 @jaelithe Don't you find it absurd for a non-farmer to speak on behalf of all farmers? That's ...more