Farmers Markets: Collingswood NJ

Jersey corn? Check.  Tomatoes? Check. Chinese Purple long beans? Dragon Tongue beans? Bumblebee tomatoes?? ...more

5 Invaluable Shopping Tips for the Farmers' Market

Are you visiting your local farmers' market yet? For those of us in the South, we are fortunate to have long growing seasons and an abundance of crops in full swing by the time June rolls around. You can find farmers' markets near you by checking out Local Harvest and entering your location. ...more
Oh, Brande, I love a market like that!! Sounds divine!more

How about those yolks, folks!

Did anyone happen to catch NPR's story about Ari Shapiro's pale egg yolks while traveling in Africa recently? ...more

Farmer's Market and Run Club

Yesterday I finally went to the Farmer’s Market! One of the things I was really excited for about living in California was the Farmer’s Market. It’s really close by so I walked over in the morning to pick up a few things....more

Fresh Herbs

Our local farmers market was bustling with people last week. Everyone seemed to be out enjoying the first days of cool Fall weather. All the vendors had long lines but I didn’t want to leave empty handed so we stopped at a vegetable stand that was offering some fruits to sample. Just the thing I needed to occupy the boys while I picked up a few things and waited in line to pay....more

The Farmers Market and the Main Street Merchants: why can't we all get along?

It's harder to write about the things you really care about than the things that come from off the cuff. And not because you fear rejection or because you are afraid of being judged. It's harder because you don't know where to begin....more

Stuffed Basil Appetizers

I love this recipe for basil leaves stuffed with goat cheese and topped with fresh tomato. It’s a fun, finger-food variation on the caprese salad, and it just screams summer.basil leaves stuffed with goat cheesemakes 20 appetizers20 large, unblemished basil leaves4 ounces plain fresh goat cheese, softened at room temperature2 Tbsp. cream or half-and-half1/4 cup finely diced tomato2 Tbsp. pine nuts, skillet-toastedolive oilsalt & pepper...more

Strawberry Empanadas

My little sister has always loved strawberries. When we were kids my mom couldn’t buy the strawberries fast enough. Her love affair with strawberries hit a bump in the road though, when she ate so many of them in one sitting that she broke out in hives. This happened despite her not ever experiencing an allergic reaction to strawberries. She had to quit for a while before she could enjoy them again....more

Union Square Green Market Photos


The Scourge of the Farmers Market

I love summer, I really do. ...more
@sassymonkey I love lazy recipes! Looks delish!more