Farmer’s Market

The Reluctant Cook: Don't send me to the grocery store

My husband, a chef and BBQ fanatic, does most of the grocery shopping, especially anything related to meat. When he sends me to the store with a list there’s usually one item that I don’t know anything about. I seriously get a little nervous as I search the aisles for that one conspicuous item. Let’s take a quick look at the meat section....more

Farmer's Market Sunday

www.abowlfullofsimple.comBeautiful Sunday morning at our local Farmer’s MarketA feast for the senses – A feast for dinner...more

Fresh Tomato Tatin

One of my favourite things about summer is all of the fresh local produce at the farmers market, so I tend to head down every Saturday morning. The market starts out slowly in the spring, with asparagus and then strawberries. By July, things pick up, with a flurry of new things every week. Out of all of the amazing produce, one of the things that I look forward to the most is the tomatoes. There is just something irresistible about field-ripened tomatoes that keeps me longing for them all year round.  ...more
This looks amazing. How sweet is the caramel -- sweet and sour like a gastrique? What a clever idea.more

‘Tis the Season for Farmer’s Markets

 They’re back. And, those of us who have chosen to embrace the locavore lifestyle are glad....more

Hooray for REAL food!

I have been finding such joy lately in buying local food from my farmer's market and preparing it simply, with love.  I don't usually call myself a cook, but this stuff is easy and delicious!  Check out my blog post about it:

Where To Get Your Vegetables On.

Argh!  Google maps didn't translate.  Visit the site to see the intricate map included!more

It's Here! It's Finally Here!!

It finally feels like fall. We were finally able to turn off the air conditioning Thursday evening and open the windows. It has been incredibly wet, humid and all around dreary in the region since the beginning of August. AUGUST! Two months of soggy grounds, thick, stagnant air and bad hair days. The craptastic weather made me sloth-like but the cooler fresh air has finally kicked my motivation back into gear. I want to do all sorts of fall things this month. The first on my list was to add some fall flavor to our dinner menu....more

Farmer's Markets and Hope

Ten Not to Be Missed Ways To Fuel Your Body’s Self-Healing Powers This Summer

It’s official. Summer is here.  So let’s make the best of it and jump start some healing.  Yes, summer is the perfect time to get the foods you need to ignite those healing pathways in your body.What does that mean?  More energy, less pain, less fatigue and fewer pounds around the middle. So here are ten ways to get started....more