A(nother) Trip to the Farmers' Market

This past weekend, I ventured down to the Farmers' Market for what's only the third time since I realized it even existed.  I love going, but I'm always too lazy to get up early enough to make it before everything's gone.  I'm so glad I did go this week though, because I came home with delicious pumpkin bread and raspberries, and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers with my favorite - sunflowers!...more

The Top 9 Things NOT to do at a Farmers' Market.

Because the Accidental Locavore was on vacation last week, and since it's getting to be peak Farmers' Market season, I thought it was a good time to re-run my farmers' favorite posting....more

When is a Tomato Like a Water Balloon? Tales of the Greenmarket

During the taping of a new cooking show (airing in October, more later) the Accidental Locavore was talking to a couple of farmers who have been at the various Greenmarkets in New York City for years....more

The Accidental Locavore's Farm Box and a Recipe for Sugar Snap Peas

This week the Accidental Locavore's farm box definitely looked like things are getting ripe on the farm. The big surprise was a box of beautiful strawberries, as lovely and flavorful as the ones we got in Nice....more

Tips for Mastering the Farmers' Market

Many people are taking steps to improve their health and the environment by eating organically grown and raised foods. Although some people are selecting organic items at their local grocery store, farmers’ markets are becoming increasingly popular. Over the past year, according to the Department of Agriculture, the number of farmers’ markets in the U.S. increased by 858, or 16 percent, from 5,274 in 2009 to 6,132 in 2010....more

Farmer’s Markets: How to Save Money Next Time You Go

Given all the emphasis on healthy eating and sustainable agriculture, farmers' markets are a great way for the everyday consumer to develop a deeper connection to their food and food providers. In large cities, farmers' markets not only sell fresh fruit, vegetables, and eggs, they also include food stands filled with homemade snacks, desserts, and cosmetic products. ...more

We love to go to the farmer's market, thanks for the tips!

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Green Garlic: A Verdant Taste of Spring

To those of you still mired in the throes of winter around the country, I bring tidings from an early spring. Here in Northern California, spring vegetables are starting to show up in our local farmer's market, and, groundhog prognostication or not, they will be showing up in local farmers' markets all over the country very soon. The season is about to change, and with that change comes a fresh crop of bright new flavors. One of the spring crops I'm always excited to see is green garlic, a young crop of garlic that looks similar to a green onion but offers a subdued version of mature garlic's flavor....more

Julie, I'd love a report on that soup once you've made it -- it sounds delicious!

--- Genie, ...more

Monday Dose of Market: Prize Winners and Pretty Peppers

I'm experimenting with a new feature for The Weekly Veggie: Monday Dose of Market.  There are so many wonderful vegetable varieties each week, especially this time of year, that just telling you about one seems unfair.  I'll post pictures each Monday of various veggies from markets visited during the week before. ...more