Cow Dwarfed by Chickens

Aggie the flat cow was impressed with the size of the Black Orpington hens...Aggie had a rough first day on the farm....more
Loved this; For 21 years, we lived on a hobby farm with laying hens, 175 meat birds, 4 pigs, i ...more

A Cow Arrived in the Mail Today

Well, this should be a fun week!...more

Wise Acres - Farm Memoir Book Review

Wise Acres, by Michael Kluckner...more

Note to Self: More Reading!

Recently, I've been struggling a bit with having a tad too much on my plate (people who know me well will be laughing as I always have too much on my plate!) There's full, there's heaping, and then there's stuff falling off the sides and spilling all over my nice clean shirt.....more

New Use for the Garden Cart

The garden cart continues to out-do itself in the versatility department....more

How to Make a Hog Waterer

New hog watering can in place...A quick, nearly wordless Wednesday water update......more

Sorting Critters!

The next few days look like they are going to have a similar theme: sorting and reorganizing....more

Don't Turn Your Back on Those Turkeys!

There's a reason why you don't say "Thanksgiving in front of the turkeys...'s happening down on the farm? Visit the Dark Creek Farm blog.  ...more

Field Testing Foam Insulation for Goat Water Bucket - NABLOPOMO

A duck's eye view of a pond freezing over...During the recent cold snap, I was having my usual problems keeping all the animals watered....more

NABLOPOMO - The Littlest Snowman

I was hustling down to the sheep field in the dark in search of a couple of stray ducks when I nearly stepped on this cute little fellow:...more