Sorting Critters!

The next few days look like they are going to have a similar theme: sorting and reorganizing....more

Don't Turn Your Back on Those Turkeys!

There's a reason why you don't say "Thanksgiving in front of the turkeys...'s happening down on the farm? Visit the Dark Creek Farm blog.  ...more

Field Testing Foam Insulation for Goat Water Bucket - NABLOPOMO

A duck's eye view of a pond freezing over...During the recent cold snap, I was having my usual problems keeping all the animals watered....more

NABLOPOMO - The Littlest Snowman

I was hustling down to the sheep field in the dark in search of a couple of stray ducks when I nearly stepped on this cute little fellow:...more

A Trip Down Blogger Memory Lane


The Palouse: Amber Fields of Grain

Rusha SamsOh, the Places We Seehttp://ohtheplaceswesee.comThe Palouse is an agricultural area of unparalleled beauty in eastern Washington State and northern Idaho: peaceful, dotted with barns, and gorgeous at harvest time:

Does 'Headless' Chicken Breeding Eliminate Issues of Animal Cruelty?

This is beyond words... That such an idea would even be contemplated, and that they would really ...more

Twenty Questions With Mardi Jo Link, Author of the new Memoir Bootstrapper

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the car, listening to NPR, and there was an interview with Mardi Jo Link, author of a new memoir, Bootstrapper. I pulled the car over and just sat and listened to her talk about trying to keep her farm when she got divorced and how difficult it was that first year.This is from the Amazon page, about the book:...more


Well we have finally begun.......haying is finally upon us.  We got the swathers finally.  We hire out our haying, our brothers work partner comes and does the swathing part. As far as actually baling our brother does the big round bales and our neighbor does the small square bales for us.  The round bales go to the ranch and the small squares we keep for ourselves, the ranch and my parents.   ...more

4:00AM, awake, anxious, the threat of heavy losses due to rain

It's 4:30 a.m. and I'm sitting here, in bed, listening to the downpour and wondering what'll mean for us. The approaching thunder woke me up an hour ago and I kept hoping that's all we'd get - a light show. I tried to figure out if the rumbles were traveling west to east and staying south of us. No. The rain started coming down, hard, at about 4:00. Drat. Our friend Norm brought over his big tractor and mowing equipment yesterday and cut our hayfield. The alfalfa and grasses had been over 2 feet tall, but yesterday had been the first day he'd been available to do this work for us....more