Self-Milking Cows and Other Curiosities of the Modern Dairy Farm

Smart cow?  Photo by Withywindle Nature, 2012...more

Online Gaming Is Lucrative For Organized Gold Farming Rings

So-called “gold farmers” play massive multiplayer online games, not for fun, but to accumulate virtual currency, or “gold,” which can then be sold to other players, despite the fact that most game operators explicitly ban the exchange of in-game currency for cash. Gold farming is so lucrative, people in China and other developing nations can support themselves by working full-time operating gold farming rings....more

'Organic' Is a Dirty Word

A few months back, I was talking with Kirk about -- what else? -- organic farming. “They need a new word for it,” he said. “A new word? What? Why?” “'Organic’ is just...I don’t know...not good. They need a new word.” I was incredulous. Good lord, what could possibly be wrong with organic? I can’t think of anything more harmless or healthy. But once I put my self-righteous indignation aside, I gained valuable insight....more
HA!  I was just going to post the same thing.  I'm in the southeast and around here ...more

Will Allen: Growing Power and the Good Food Revolution

In 1993, Will Allen bought the last remaining farm in the city of Milwaukee. It was located in a food desert halfway between two freeways on a very busy street. He bought the farm for selfish reasons.  He was looking for a place to sell the produce he was growing on his 100-acre farm in Oak Creek, WI, outside of Milwaukee. After a couple years, Allen started to work with a youth group on the farm, and eventually his friends talked him into starting a nonprofit....more
Snowy Pines Ridge Farm ~ He really is inspiring, isn't he? Did you see his interview this week ...more

My Living Room Is A Nursery

We have been very busy here at the farm, for the last month or so. Since I can't remember the last post I made, and I am admittedly too lazy to look it up, I will recap here. We started out with with three pigs (two gilts and a boar) that were in pig (such a funny term for being pregnant!), due to farrow any day. We had six goats, all does, only two of which were in milk. A few heritage turkeys, eight ducks, and a small (25-30) flock of chickens. We have expanded. And not in our waistlines either. ...more

Sharing Seeds

Pedro Schambon and Elizabeth Johnson  got together at My Father’s Farm  with the excitement of seeing a new variety of pepper grow.Months ago, Pedro had planted Aji Pepper seeds for Elizabeth and it was time to see if the idea of growing a Peruvian variety of pepper could  be grown in Texas.>...more

A Better Day

I have been trying to think of something to write about all day, and came up with too many options. We actually had a reasonably productive day, and have a plan to come up with an action plan for dealing with the house, life, and everything else. Well, maybe not everything else, that would take far too long and be rather speculative anyway. We had planned to talk while taking the kids for a drive to another city about an hour away from here. The plan was to warm up some ribs for lunch (leftovers from today), and make s'mores over a fire....more

Farm Camp: part 1, the chicken

Farm Camp: part 1, the chickenPosted on November 7, 2011 by sonya...more