Pictures I Love!

My Grandson Lyum ....more

Pictures I Love!

I wanted to share this picture that my husband sent me  while out in the field at work.I just love cows! ...more

Tractor Safety For Dummies And City Folk

Source: TToombs08As the summer begins to wind down, fall fills the air with the sweet smell of ripening vegetation. Yes, it’s that time of year again, when farmers across the nation head back into the fields to begin the harvest. Soon truckloads of wheat, corn, sunflowers, beets, and all the other wholesome foods will find its way onto the tables of hungry people everywhere. Well, at least in places where the severe drought hasn’t fried the crops to a crisp as farmers stand in their fields and weep uncontrollably....more

Farm Friday - The Testicles Have Left the Building

Anne KimballLife on the Funny Farm...more

Healthy Eating Without Breaking the Bank

[Editor's Note: 'Tis the season to have just spent an awful lot of money (on gifts, food, entertaining, and yes, possibly even alcohol...), and 'tis the season to start thinking about how to step back from holiday excess and start eating healthily again. But is it possible to eat healthily and keep to a budget at the same time? This post from the archives assures you that yes, it is possible, Virginia. There really is an affordable way to eat your veggies! --Genie]...more
I love the two pairs, two spares. I'm the youngest of 5 kids and the first 4 are 2 sets of ...more

Farm Friday - Rooster For Sale. Cheap.

Anne Kimball Bringing Borya Home Farm Friday - Rooster for Sale. Cheap. I swear, Big Daddy's days are numbered. The only way I can keep from slaughtering him would be to sell him down the river, which I'm considering very seriously. I never wanted a rooster. I never ordered a rooster. I do not enjoy owning a rooster. Oh, sure, her provides country ambience, and he's pretty to look at, but those are his only contributions and they do not tip the scales in his favor....more

A SPICY Solution For Your Bushels of Berries

It’s officially strawberry season in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our farmers markets are full of fresh ruby-hued orbs and strawberry desserts adorn local restaurant dessert menus. This time of year my family can’t seem to eat enough berries to satisfy; trips to the strawberry farm are part of daily chatter. ...more

Farmers, agriculture, and technology unite!

Recently, my IDT course was discussing industries that utilize social media. I chose the agriculture industry. From a conversation where farmers use Twitter to check weather and soil reports to blogging to clear misconceptions about E.coli outbreaks, I realized how invaluable this information could be. Here is my idea: Farmer's Markets and Farmers advertise on Twitter or blogs where they are selling their produce, what is in season and ready for purchase. This could benefit localization. Many complain about the state of food-produce and meat in our country....more

What The Food Safety Modernization Act Means

Previously thought to be dead in the water due to a technical snag, S. 510 -- also known as the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act -- was unexpectedly revived and passed unanimously in the Senate Monday. It's slated for a House vote next, where it's expected to pass, and will then head to President Obama's desk, where he's already promised he would sign it into law. ...more

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto

As a child I remember going to The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (RAWF) on school trips. It was somewhere I had never been to with my family and was the most amazing place. I encourage parents who live in the Greater Toronto Area to try a family trip to the RAWF. It’s a great outing with lots of new and educational experiences for kids. The RAWF comes every year during late fall to Toronto and is usually held at Exhibition Place. This year it is being held from November 5th to 14th....more