Farro Risotto with Cannellini and Basil from FamilyStyle Food

One thing that's fun about eating less meat is the way it helps you discover delicious new foods that you might otherwise have missed. I remember how excited I was when I first tried farro, a type of whole grain wheat from Italy that's becoming more popular in the U.S.  Some types of farro need to be pre-soaked, but if you look in an Italian market you can find a type called "semi-perlato" that cooks quickly. When I saw this recipe for Farro Risotto with Cannellini and Basil on FamilyStyle Food, it sounded like a perfect Meatless Monday dish, and if you haven't had farro, I'm betting you'll like it. (Farro is not gluten-free but most recipes using it can be made with brown rice for a gluten-free version.) ...more

Easy Oven Risotto with Farro and Spring Vegetables

A minor miracle happened in our house last night.  No, it wasn’t the second coming, or the first, depending on where you stand on these matters.  Instead, my entire family ate whole wheat fettuccini without uttering a word about its whole “wheatiness.”  This has never happened before, despite the dozens of dinners I have made featuring whole grain past...more