Everybody Farts

Everyone passes gas. Sometimes it is audible and sometimes it can be really odoriferous. While I was seeking something a bit more glamorous for my first post of the New Year, I read an article about a formal reprimand that was issued to a Federal worker who released an excessive amount of flatulence in the work place. In the reprimand letter, it was noted that the worker was lactose intolerant and had promised to purchase Gas X. He worked in a module and disrupted his work environment with the odors he emitted....more
@HomeRearedChef  @Barbarahughes I think I broke the barrier on flatus -- in a good way.more

I am a female bean eating, air swallowing, ageing gasbag!

There is nothing pretty about that, except the honesty.  I saw a healthy recipe today that consisted of white beans, olive oil, basil leaves, sea salt and a dab of balsamic vinegar.  It looked yummy, especially since I love white beans.  However (and that is a mighty big HOWEVER), I was concerned about creating this dish for guests, as I was certain that it would give me the dreaded PUBLIC GAS EXPLOSION.  ...more

Made your "pucker-up butter & Limoncello cake with lemon curd glaze". ...more

jelly bean changes coming down the windpipe

So apparently some Ukrainian company has developed a jelly bean that makes your farts come up smelling like roses.  Call it perfume for the digestive tract.  An air freshener for the body. Halleluja.  Us humans have reached a new pinnacle.  Certainly stopping war, eliminating poverty and preventing vast quantities of oil leaking into our limited water supply are just around the corner.  What better tribute to our advanced civilization?  Someday we'll tell our grandchildren "I Remember When" stories about a world before farts smelled like Calvin Klein....more