building blacks, part 2: accessories

Anticipatory Set: I know, I know... productivity is down this week.  I am in a tough bout of stressing and hating my job pretty much all the time.  At least today was my last reevaluation conference of the year so there is at least one dim, blinky Christmas light at the end of the tunnel. But!... Happy note!: I am about to get dressed for my belated Valentine's date with Paul tonight......more

Get The Look: Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman was spotted in the runways in London with one of the hottest trends for Spring: Pastels....more

Fashion Week, Fall 2010: Isaac Mizrahi Tells Trippy Fairytale Story

Fashion Week ended with a fairytale happy ending, thanks in part to Isaac Mizrahi's "Central Park Story Book" fall collection. So what's it like getting a fifteen-minute peek into the mind of the fashion-forward fairy godfather?...more

The Cat Who Likes To Wear Clothes

Guest Post by Joann Biondi ...more

Going Greige

 I love having painted nails, it's an instant mood brightener when I catch site of them and makes me feel like the girly girl is still in there. In amongst the mummy stuff, the washing, ironing, cleaning and food shopping, she's still alive and kicking. With manicured toes. Besides, time spent of an evening painting my nails is less time spent sat on my arse drinking wine or eating chocolate... or both. ...more

Swimwear, Tunics & Rompers Oh My: Luxe Leisure

The GAP’s older, wiser, and more sophisticated sister Banana Republic is taking a page out of the top designers hand book by introducing a resort collection. What makes this capsule collection great, and unlike the designer lines is that it will be available and rotating designs year round. Continue Reading......more

i was a devoted banana republic merchandiser for 6 years (now @ the gap) and many of my ...more

The Frumpification of America

Jen @ ...more

Sparkle Like the Rich Girls

For those of you that like the rich, sparkly eye color shades of a top name brand cosmetic line, there’s great news for you!...more

Golden Globes Fashion Recap

Woooo! It’s officially award season, which means I become super fashion judgmental and share my b*tchy, catty comments with all of you! So let’s kick this off by recapping the Golden Globes, my favorite of all the award shows (probably because people have gotten drunk pre-speech.) ...more

I loved Jennifer Aniston's dress. She pulled it off beautifully. I think it broadcasted her ...more