Planning Your Dream Italian Wedding

With Italian Heritage and the fact that Italy is arguably one of the most romantic countries in the world, full of breath-taking landscapes, a rich history and a delicious cuisine, I wanted to talk about how to plan your dream Italian themed wedding!...more

How to Get Rid of Wrinkles


Popular eBay Products For Women

Image Credit:’s in women nature to spend time when it comes to saving money. Most of the consumers on shopping sites like eBay, Amazon first do research in finding a trustworthy seller, price guarantee and last but not the least is the product quality. Research shows that women browse mattresses, jewelry, beauty products, accessories while men customers tend to browse gadgets, vehicle parts....more

Burberry My Burberry Black (2016) {Perfume Review}

  My Burberry Black is the latest entry by the British fashion house of the iconic pattern and trench coats. The composition is signed by perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and art-directed by Christopher Bailey....more

Feminism on Dior’s Runway

At the Dior show, the fashion world made it clear. I personally like it when fashion gives a statement of change. “I believe fashion should not impose itself on the person who wears it, but be used by them as a way to express themselves,” said Maria Grazia Chuiri; Dior’s first female creative director!So what do you expect from the first woman?CHANGE! Because the first ones are always the only ones to break the rules....more

9 Women Tissot Designs To Fall in Love With

A good watch is a quintessential part of any woman’s wardrobe, on so many levels. The right watch can become a seamless extension of personality, communicating your personal style, values, and character. It can keep time and keep you looking sharp and sophisticated. A good watch can even double up as the ultimate accessory. And frankly, no look is ever complete without a trusted ticker clasped confidently on your wrist. But like all things good in life… can you ever have enough?...more

Tips To Fix a Broken Luggage zipper

Image Credit: sbs-zipper.comImagine yourself going on a relaxing vacation, taking your luggage across the hall and waiting in the lobby. Then you suddenly remember to read that last chapter of your book and open your bag. You notice a ziiiippppp sound, and there you have It in your hand — the luggage zipper, broken....more

Just call me Tits McGee

New outfit from Milano Fashion Week

Strut that Clearance Wear, Working Mom

Elizabeth Doren ...more