Can You Copy Kate's Style?

This is the second in the series on style from my website Aboutawomanaboutagirl. Can you take someone's style? Model Kate Moss has been on best dressed lists over and over. Recently she partnered (again) with Topshop to bank on her style signature. Can you buy her allure?...more

Bisbigli swimwear collection 2014!

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Norina ST. Romanian Fashion Designer

High school Memories, Fashion and The Love for ArtsThis week I want to dedicate my downtownGirl post to one of my talented high school friends Norina Stoica.After years of wondering what happened to my high school classmates and friends, thanks to Facebook, I, like many out there, am able to keep in touch with long lost friends....more

New Macan by Porsche! National Press Event.

Style Inspiration: Brigitte Bardot

Currently Coveting...

Currently Coveting It seems like there is always a key piece missing from my wardrobe, a great black wedge, a classic heel, the perfect white button down, whatever it is there is always something missing....more

My story just got featured on ABCNEWS!!! God is Good!!!

This is too exciting! My swimwear line being funded on kickstarter right now was featured on ABCNEWS because they said it is a very personal story that needed to be shared!!!

Day #1 night show New Designers Malta MFWA2014 ...more

DUO: Day to Night Shoe Challenge

We were challenged by British shoe company, DUO, to choose our favorite pair of shoes from their shop and style them from day to night. It was so much fun styling around the shoes to come up with complete new outfits, from our own wardrobe, to create two totally different looks.Check out what we came up with and all the other options that DUO has to offer!...more

Nothingtoamend capsule shoes by Alessia Foglia!