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Sunday Scent Styles Summary {Ask Chantal-Hélène} {Perfume List}

In this new column, you will find a summary of the perfumes of the week, and some thoughts on what to wear for what mood and occasion. It's an opportunity to simplify the complex array of nuances you encounter when treating perfumes as objects to be smelled rather than as wearable accessories......more

TSS Perfume Holiday Gift Guide 2014 - Part One: Your/Her Favorite Perfume in Luxury Designer Packaging {Fragrance List}

In this Part One of our Perfume Holiday Gift Guide for 2014, we look at noteworthy special Christmas editions of classic and favorite perfumes which have been redesigned for the holidays. Read more atélène Wagner...more

Kate Spade Walk on Air, in New York City (2015) {New Perfume}

Fashion designer Kate Spade will launch a new women's perfume from March 2015 called Walk on Air which is a new chapter for the house fragrance story-telling after Live Colorfully......more

Friday Favorites with a special coupon code...


In Conversation With: Jia Li, founder of Jia Li Collection

New York really is the center of the universe given its gravitational pull for diversity and global citizens. Let’s take Jia Li as a case study of this fact: Jia grew up in Yunnan, China, was educated in Europe with a business degree, then she moved to the United States 12 years ago. After working for a few fashion brands and seeing a niche in the apparel industry for fashionable and functional clothing designs for modern women, Jia started her namesake fashion label 4-years....more

Friday Favorites...Poncho Love

FRIDAY FAVORITES...PINTEREST! Did this week fly by as fast for you as it did for me? Can't believe it's time to say TGIF but I'm glad it's the weekend. Temperatures sure have dropped here and my body still can't get use to the colder weather...not sure that it ever will! O.k. so I've been pinning a little more on Pinterest this week. It's so full of awesomeness that sometimes I forget to pin. I just keep scrolling and dreaming...oops!...more

Friday Favorites...Poncho Love


Friday Favorites...Mad for Madewell


Fashion DIY bag inspired by Paco Rabanne!