How a Hip Mom Can Dress Her Child in Cool Fashion for Cheap

My partner wrote this for our blog and I had to share it ..... ...more

Rachael Ray Still My Fave Despite Rant by Conservative Bloggers

A cheery Dunkin' Donuts ad with pink cherry blossoms and perky Rachael Ray wearing a black-and-white-fringed scarf and holding an iced coffee was pulled after the conservative blog Little Green Footballs claimed that Rachael's scarf is a keffiyeh, a traditional headdress worn by Arab men. I am still trying to figure out just why this accessory would be enough to suggest she is a terrorist sympathesizer. ...more

Mystic Silks offers you.................

I am an artist who designs silk art creations. My creations include silk scarves, silk paintings, and silk pillows. I began the process of silk art several years ago, and had an eye-opening expereince, plus a mind-blowing happening. I've created other works of art with acrylics, water colors, and oils. And, I had complete control over the outcome. However, I learned that working with silk, french dyes, and paints, that the outcome isn't always under my complete control. ...more

DeeBozzz Painted Silk Scarves

I've always had a love for wearing scarves and wraps. With the help of a silk scarf, I found many ways to update my existing wardrobe. I would wear them as a halter-top, a head wrap, a belt, and the list went on. The possibilities of how to wear a silk scarf were endless! Each Hand Painted silk scarf, and apparel is fashioned by hand from beginning to end. Patterns may be similar, however, every item is one of a kind! All of my wearable works of art have a luxurious feel, are colourfast and are hand washable. Products used are habotai silk, silk chiffon, and silk charmeuse. ...more

What Jackie knew: Accessorizing your basic wardrobe

So let's assume that you have pared your closet down to the basics. You have a wardrobe of pieces that work for your everyday life. And while some part of you is thinking THANK GOD, there is another part that is already bored. Am I right? Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, 1970 ...more

Dress Up Your New Wardrobe with some Fashionable Flowers.

Susan has providing tips for redoing all of our wardrobes from clearing out what doesn't work to the the basics of the wardrobe. With new fall clothes and winter coats coming into our closets, I thought I'd help her out by pointing to some tutorials for flowery crafty accessories that will make your basics stand out! ...more