How to Criticize an Outfit...Without Losing a Friend

As women we are often far kinder to our friends than we are to ourselves. We can spend hours criticizing our never-ending list of “flaws.” My hair is frizzy, my nose is crooked, my thighs look huge. We could go on all day, but when it comes to our friends… “You look gorgeous!”,  “I love that top on you”,  “God, what I would give for your legs.” ...more
Mindy Kaling says to say: "I'm not crazy about that on you!" Which should mean "Do not put that ...more

How to wear the Tropical/ Hawaiian Trend and Nail it!

 My Roar May Be Little Now... But I'm Taking Voice Lessons!Alela Sirah...more

Meet the Cast " Summer Breeze"

My wardrobe belief is to pick one no more than two key pieces in your outfit to highlight letting the rest of your look support your strong foundation. I came up with "Meet the Cast" as a wardrobe template to show how to build an outfit. You can just about use this format for any occasion! This post shows how to make a printed maxi dress pop with the right accessories.My Roar May Be Little Now... But I'm Taking Voice Lessons!Alela Sirah...more

How to Cheat the Crop Top & Skirt Trend Without Exposing Your Belly

Q. I’d like to get into the cropped top and skirt trend, but I don’t want to expose my midriff in the process. Any suggestions? A. I totally understand where you’re coming from. There are ways to get around this! First, try picking a wide-cut crop top and high-waisted skirt. You can choose a pencil skirt or a circle/round skirt. When the top is cut wider than the skirt, it gives the look you want without actually exposing your midriff! ...more
These are really cute and easy to wearmore

Helpful Fashion Advice From The Experts Who Know

Have you ever stared at models, wishing that you could obtain their look but knowing you can't. Well, you may want to rethink that. So, with the proper knowledge to guide you through the process, you can definitely improve your fashion sense and pull off any style....more

Great Fashion Advice You Can Try Today!

Being comfortable with your own style of fashion is part of educating yourself concerning fashion. You need to find what works for you, even though there are many different available resources. The article below can get you started....more

Bringing Home Alligators, Target Underwear and a Book or Two!

Last month I blogged about the Victoria Beckham book I have been recently reading, and thought I would share a few other great reads that that grace my bookshelves at home; and other discerning fashionista might be interested in. One of the things that makes a thrift fashionista successful in dressing on a dime is being well imformed.  Within these pages lies some great advice, fashion tips, total frivolousness (Birkin Baby!) and scary shopping truths! ...more

How to Prepare a Wonderful Pre Prom Party

Put a twist on the typical pre-prom gathering with a cocktail party. A nice addition is to create a designated primping station for the girls to touch up their hair and makeup before everyone goes to dinner or prom. Grab some sodas, ice cream and champagne glasses, and get the party started. Take plenty of pictures to post online and share....more

Help I Love My Shoes But THEY Hate My Feet!

We have all been there, you buy the cutest pair of shoes only to get them home and they hurt like heck. I love shoes just as much as the next girl and I hate when I end up buying painful ones. In this post I plan on giving some tips on how to beat sore tooties and still be able to rock your shoes. 1. For rubbing try Moleskin...more