10 Steps to Starting a Fashion Blog

One of the most covered topics in the blogging world is fashion. These days, it seems that almost anyone who has even the slightest bit of interest in fashion has made up a website. Girls as young as 12 are actually running their own fashion blogs. Bloggers have actually become front row material and are sitting next to fashion giants in the front row at the biggest fashion shows. ...more

Fashion Friday | $7 Dress Sale At H&M

Hello beautiful people out there! Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great and amazing weekend! Before vacation, I was looking for a bathing suit just to have as a backup. But who knew going in there at that time would be a time where H&M was having a $7 sale. Now usually when I got into H&M and see that they have their red sale sign up for a certain price but you don't see anything that price. Well this time I was wrong. I got two dress that were on sale for $7!!  ...more

Denim Junkie: Live in Levi's

Denim Junkie: Levi's 501 ct Edition ...more

Maxi Madness

Happy Friday - or as it is appropriately referred to on Instagram "Fri-YAY"! It is starting to get cooler {finally} but still not really that cold.  So a strapless maxi is still perfectly acceptable!  And how could I say no to black and white chevron? ...more

The Budget Fashion Seeker: An Intro

I just recently joined blogher.com and being a new member, I still have a lot of things to learn and  to experience on this site that I'm quite hesitant to write my first ever post. But like what I always say, we need to take that baby steps to reach our goals eventually. And what a nerve wrecking first baby step this is!...more

Who’s that doB girl?

By: Jon Paul Buchmeyerdishin’ with a gal who inspires the foodie-beauty revolution...more

She's Still Got It: Lindsay Ferrier's Style Blog Sold to CafeMom

Lindsay Ferrier of Suburban Turmoil announced today she's sold her style blog, She's Still Got It, to CafeMom. According to Lindsay, "Starting Monday, She's Still Got It will move to Cafe Mom, the number one mom's site on the Internet. The content will be the same (but there will be more of it) and I'll still have a dedicated page over there with all of my posts. The big difference? I'll be getting paid to do what I love." BlogHer talked to Lindsay this afternoon to see how she managed to turn a labor of love into a paid writing gig so quickly. ...more

Lindsay! Big congrats! It'll be great to have you hanging out with the rest of us at ...more

Today on Fashion Me Fabulous

Public Service Announcement: Wear a Slip. It's for your own safety. Learn more here. ...more

Today on Fashion Me Fabulous

It's the battle of the fashion designer TV shows. Will Project Runway remain the the Queen of the Catwalk when in moves to Lifetime this summer? Or, will Bravo's runway replacement, The Fashion Show, stomp right past it? ...more