Vineyard Vines DIY

 Doing my own alterations is fun and very simple for me. That Vineyard Vine x-small fleece vest was no match me and my Brother Sewing Machine. It made a day of ice curling that much better.View Full Post of alterations & ice curling at

Tartan Tantrum!

Yes, yes, yes, I know tartan came in really strong in 2013. Did I wear a lot of it, yes I did. Do I still have plenty of pieces hanging in my closet, yes I do. Am I sick of seeing myself in TARTAN….kind of yes, kind of no.View all pictures & full posting at ...more

DIY Self-Promotion

A few weeks (now, several months) back, while working on another project, I came up with the bright idea to do some self-promoting. Everyone walks around wearing t-shirts, baseball hats or even carrying a tote bag promoting something. Well if I want to attract more visitors to my site, I need to get the name out there....more

2014 - Let's Do This!

Reflecting on what has been an all-around amazing year and getting excited for 2014 today on the blog!See more here:

Want Your Clothes to Look Luxe and Designer? Destroy Them! I Dare You To ...

Have you ever gone to the dry cleaners to pick up that oh-so-delicate sweater, only to find that the dry cleaner had completely destroyed it? You were outraged. It was pristine, it was perfect, it was “new” -- now, it is a misshapen pile of junk that screams “my dry cleaner killed me.” Alas, another item in the goodwill bin....more

Painted Tee

The Hero says I have a problem with leaving things the way they are. Maybe. Or maybe I see a plain tee as a blank slate waiting to be turned into a new masterpiece. ...more