The Power and Gift of Gemstones

Image Credit: 123RF Although many people associate gemstones with Hollywood and the trendy elite, they have actually been a part of human history for many thousands of years. The healing power that comes from gemstones have been used by people in many different cultures to help them deal with pain, overcome particular ailments, and brighten the overall mood....more

The Crazy Wild Love Jewelry Collection is Here!

The Crazy Wild Love Jewelry Collection Is Here!24 April 2014, 02:07...more

Featured Artisan ~ T.Rusk4U

Welcome to this week's Featured Artisan from the group On fire for Handmade. Meet Teresa! She is a fellow creator from just up the road from me, here in North Carolina!Teresa says:...more

Make a Statement.

Today I am combining two trends: pastel and statement necklaces.  I am on the hunt for a pastel blue statement necklace to be my go-to necklace for spring.  I'm drawn to cooler colors, and I want to embrace the pastel trend, so I'm sticking to light, barely there blues. Forever21 has a bunch of necklaces that I am currently checking out for a pretty low cost with a lot of variety to choose from. ...more

Sandy Shuman Jewelry - Nature inspired designs made from the heart….urban, earthy, bohemian, and eclectic.

Today is  “Shop Local Saturday” and a perfect day to jump back into blogging and introduce to you a  Whimsically Artistic Jewelry Designer, Sandy Shuman .Sandy’s shop is not a local brick and mortar store however several months ago Sandy launched her on-line small business .Please stop in, take a look and  shop around! ...more

Fashion Friday: Masculine Watches for Women

Hey fashionistas!This week, I'm inspired by watches. And not just any kind. And definitely not the girly kind. I'm inspired by the clunky, ultra-masculine, void-of-glitter-and-jewels,  men's style watches ... but for women. If your style is a bit street like mine, and you prefer an accessory surprise over an expected feminine piece, you can feel me on this one. Below are a few to inspire you.Gold Fashion Watches...more

Fall Transition Outfit: Get the Most from Your Maxi

This outfit has become my favorite way to transition through the Fall days that are a bit chilly but not enough for a sweater or jacket. Plus, it's another way to extend the wear of those maxi dresses and skirts we all love so much. I know not everyone is experiencing the Fall weather yet like we are here, and I'm sorry for prematurely posting outfits of this kind (in your eyes), but this is what I've been wearing on the daily, so deal with it? Yeah, deal with it ......more
I've a decent collection of petticoats now so that I can wear one under my skirt in the evening ...more