A Heritage Look for a Gourmet Lunch

The Reason I Dressed A while back we were invited by our newly married friends to try a fantastic gourmet restaurant with them just outside of Modena....more

Enough with the Skinny Jeans Already!

I will be the first one to admit that I am not built like a super model. Sometimes I work at it, sometimes I don't, but even when I do, I will never ever ever get down to a body that will look good in skinny jeans. And neither will my daughter, who let's face it, has my genes and my parents' genes, and their parents' genes and so forth, all of which amount to no possibility of fitting the skinny jeans trend....more
I hope soon! I was hoping that this would be the season that it would end! But it just keeps ...more

Heath is wealth

Health is wealth is a common saying and there are many precautions and measures which we must take if we want to lead a healthy and happy life. In your body, though every part of your body is equally important but if your mental health is not stable then you will go in loss as your relationships will start to break and you will lose your career....more

Am I a little stuck?

I watched fashion stylist Lloyd Boston on a television show helping a woman update her look after losing 45 pounds. You may not know him but Lloyd Boston is a television host and regular stylist on The Today Show. He recently wrote a book called, “The Style Checklist,” and his fashion sense is on-target....more

11 year old hoochies?

Mhmmm. 11 year olds. Dressed like hoochies. Tiny shorts, shorts with questionably decorated tights under them, suspender straps hanging half-way down their never-been-shaved legs, tank tops pulled down with training bras poking out, skirts so short you can see Hello Kitty waving at you…....more

The Top Three

I was reading an article on fashion trends and there are three trends right now that I absolutely do not understand.  So here's my little rant on what they are and why I hate them!1.  Pajama Pants.  Unless you're running out in to the front yard for no more than 3 seconds to grab the newspaper...DON'T DO IT!!  You don't look cute...you look like you were too lazy to even get dressed before you left the house. ...more
I am with you on #1 and #3 but black nail polish is FUN. So is brown. And green. And purple and ...more

Winter blues (the happy kind)

Looking for a pop of color for a winter weekend getaway?...more

Jeaneriffic Lounging With Your Fashionable Baby: Pajama Jeans and Denim Diaper Covers

My kids have both been out of diapers for almost a decade, so admittedly I may not be up to date on The Latest when it comes to infant and toddler acoutrements.  But my memory isn't completely shot. I do recall when my kids were babies choices were simple -- cloth or disposable -- and parents were draped in burp cloths, and if not cloths, then burped clothes.  I dubbed my own signature look during the days before solids,"The Putty Collection," as my son had reflux. (If you've ever had a kid with reflux, you know anything with bright colors and black are not the "go tos" in your closet. Drab is what you grab because it compliments and does not compete with spit up.) ...more

I want to be this funny when I write!more

Coco Before Chanel

Ever since Amélie became my magical realism fix for the decade, Audrey Tautou has cast a spell on me. (One of my friends even named her daughter Amelie in homage...) So when I first caught the trailer for Coco Before Chanel, starring none other than Mlle Tautou, I was in for a view....more

I've loved the previews of it that I've seen. I think I'll be waiting for the DVD though. I ...more

Beth Ditto and Evans- Signed, Sealed, Delivered