PLAY STYLE - sas & bide * Current/Elliot * Elizabeth and James * Donna Karan * Gemma Redux

Get This Look: sass & bide The Love Child Tank Current/Elliott Shredded Skinny Jeans Elizabeth and James Loop Back Blazer Donna Karan Charcoal Zip Up Platform Sandal Gemma Redux Jac Earrings Find out how to get this look and more in Style Wrap...more


We've got a million things to worry about, don't we? Well, I just discovered one more chunk of worry fodder for our obsession stockpile. It's something I never even heard of before now and it generally occurs in women. But by golly, it's a doozy. CANKLES.  Huh?  I repeat: "cankles". It's slang for chubby ankles. I wonder why they don't call it "chankles"? But that's another worrying point I'll save for later.  ...more

thredUp: E-swap for adventurous eco-fashionistas who love surprises

Sure, you could take painstaking pictures of your pre-loved fashion duds and auction them off on e-Bay -- or get a few dollars by taking the pieces to Crossroads. But if you want fashion swapping to be almost as easy as Netflixing a DVD, here's the latest idea green fashion mavens have dreamed up: thredUP. ...more

Fall Fashion and Beauty: Growing Up and Taking Stock

I've just read Rita Wilson's column in October's Harper's Bazaar where she wondered, "when do we as women grow out of things or into things?"This column runs in a fashion magazine so she was talking about fashion and beauty "things" -- this question could lead to deeper ruminations, of course, but there's no crime in occasional frivolity -- so I've been inspired to follow her lead and take stock of how I've changed through the years....more

I hate hard, fast rules about fashion. I'm wearing a lot of the same things I wore in my ...more

New Designer Launches Collection, Including Same-Sex Commitment Rings

Even though I mainly like to write about travel and what I see/experience in New York City, but I am a girl, so expect a few posts about fashion. I love clothes and mix-and-matching old trends with new ones to make an outfit. Sometimes it looks great while others it looks like a complete mess.Anyways while searching for hot new looks, I came across a new designer (I like to say I'm going to help her be "discovered" by introducing BlogHER readers to this amazing fashionista and designer Sandy Leong....more

Eco-fashion in transition: The pre-organic, transitional cotton trend

Can buying conventional cotton support an eco-cause? Yes, according to new Los Angeles-based fashion brand 9Planet Universe, which debuted its "pre-organic" cotton pieces earlier this month at a swank, star-studded launch party and fundraiser Zune LA. ...more

WORK STYLE - Madewell * Elizabeth and James * Charlotte Ronson * Georgina Goodman * Kooba

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Swap-O-Rama-Rama: Why buy clothes when you can swap for free?

How to get new fashions for your closet without spending any money: Organize a clothing swap -- or just go to your nearest Swap-O-Rama-Rama event! ...more

If none's in your area, remember you can organize your own! Good luck :)


NY Fashion Week GreenShows: Beautiful Styles with an Eco Twist

What do New York Fashion Week, a sheep sanctuary in Britain, and destruction of the Indonesian rainforest have in common? The GreenShows, the first semi-annual fashion event "exclusively committed to eco-friendly, ethically sound, fair-trade fashion in New York City." Check out this video from Wallet Pop:  ...more

I'm so glad to hear that sustainable materials are becoming more available and that more ...more

Ready to try The Great American Apparel Diet?

Frugal fashionistas with an environmental conscience -- or credit card debt -- can slip into a new challenge with the potential to reshape closets, lives, and bank accounts:The Great American Apparel Diet. ...more

I love this idea! Maybe a few other ideas to make it more doable:

1. Have a clothing ...more