Build A Better Bikini

I can't say that swimwear was on the top of my "to do" list when I woke up this morning, but when I found out that launched it's new "You As a Designer" feature, I couldn't wait to kick my inner bikini designer into full gear! This fab do-it-yourself feature came about after Thales Panagides, founder of, received several requests from all over the world asking if it would be possible to tap into their production facilities and know-how. ...more

Rock Out With Your Frock Out!

I must admit. Last year's attack of the frocks and tunics made me so ill, I thought I would tear my hair out every time I watched a re-run of The Hills. And just when I thought they were gone for good, decides to add a few new styles to their winter collection. (Fortunately, they figured out how to bring the classic frock into the 21st century!) ...more

Fashion Week in Review | Project Runway Recap

What's happening in fashion this week?  Now that Thanksgiving is over... Fashiontribes suits up with sexy ski (and apres ski) attire. Couture in the City dishes about the Top 5 Best Dressed Men. Second City Style has the latest on Project Runway. Fabsugar has a posh Armani Polka Dot Skirt ($895) for only $148. Clothes-Pin curates a gift guide for design-y shop Rare Device. Papierblog analyzes why Carmen Webber lost on Project Runway. The Budget Fashionista dissects street fashion for color and shine. SheFinds has the solution to your sample sale woes: sample sale shopping from home at ...more

Fashion Week in Review | How to Shop Goodwill

Contributing Editor Trisha Okubo also writes at Omiru: Style for All. What's happening in fashion this week?  Besides Thanksgiving and Black Friday... Fashiontribes has a treat for your study: Opus Shelving by designer Sean Yoo. Couture in the City brings us the Top 10 Ways to Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity. Second City Style highlights the 6" tall Victoria (Beckham) Shoe by Giambattista Valli. Fabsugar celebrates with Katherine Heigl's celebrity style. Clothes-Pin introduces us to Sunny Rising, a hand tooled leather collection. Papierblog discusses reworking clothes from previous seasons into your current season wardrobe. The Budget Fashionista shows us How to Shop Goodwill. ...more

That was some good advice.

Flooded Lizard ...more

Discount Shopping Tips Indian Women Wear Sarees

Shopping Tips and Technics for Bargaining Try some shopping tips I have for you. Never go shopping alone. It's important to have someone with you who can guide you through. Best shopping experience can be with a friend. Go shopping with your friend but be causious the person should be real friend not a sort who want you to look ugly in a dress. ...more

Project Runway Recap: Remarkably little drama...and that's fine with me!

Even teamwork doesn't seem to bring out the "bad boy" contestant. Typically the first time the Project Runway designers have to work together is the first time we start seeing who's naughty and who nice. Or perhaps more accurately, who's passive-aggressive, and who's just aggressive. Well, while there may have been a little bit of passive-aggression on display last night in Week 2 of Project Runway, Season 4, I didn't see any big, nasty guns drawn. ...more

Fashion Week in Review | Project Runway Report

What's happening in fashion this week?  Fashiontribes gives us "Gossip Girl" style for less, from Serena to Blair. Couture in the City is getting a jump on the holiday season with the Perfect Holiday Gifts for Mom. Second City Style is hoping for a better showing from Erin Fetherston at her Target debut Nov 18. Fabsugar is loving Eva Longoria's celebrity style. Clothes-Pin introduces us to Kelly Lane, a fluid, sophisticated line based on colorblocking. Papierblog gives us a Project Runway recap. ...more

First time watching Project Runway. I'm shocked. I've been missing this show since its ...more

Project Runway Recap: At long last, the long wait is over!

Does anyone else feel it was a little "Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am"? After a long dry spell Project Runway is back for Season 4, and I'm back writing about it, as I have for the last 2 seasons. Since discovering Project Runway during Season 2 it's become my favorite talent reality TV show, not least because it has the most substance and least filler per 60 minutes of any of them. ...more

Taking your holiday wardrobe on the road

Thanksgiving is the official start of the Eat, Drink, and Hope Your Pants Don't Split season, which means it's time to take your party on the road and spend hours noshing in front of someone else's television. Oh, don't pretend that's not what you'll be doing. You know it is. And you won't be alone: AAA estimates that approximately 37.2 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from their homes next week. The real question, of course, isn't where are we going but what are we PACKING? As little as possible, of course. ...more

I will confess to you all (because I like you so much) that I always have to fight the urge to ...more

November's Handbag Of The Month: A 50's Original

November's Handbag Of The Month comes from my own mother's closet. She's been keeping track of my Handbag of the Month choices and last week after I told her I was having trouble finding one for November---you'd be surprised how many women turn me down---she said, "I've got a handbag of the month for you." Read This Complete Post At Megan’s Minute. ...more