Brow Wow

I have such brow envy it's not even funny. "C" hears me talk about it often, as she has awesome brows. She can do practically anything with them, too. When thin, sleek and arched is in - she's there. When thick and serious is in - she's there. Because she can. And I am jealous. See, I don't have much to work with. In fact, my eyebrows are translucent and you would never even know they were there unless I dyed them. On top of having barely there brows, they are low hanging. With lengthening mascara, my lashes touch my eyebrows. ...more

You Did Not Wear That!

All right, here we go. Back on professional attire - what is appropriate to wear in the workplace and what is not. I am here to tell you that apparently, women in the Human Resources field (not you "S" I promise) do not know what is appropriate. Let me clarify. I attended a health care conference last week for human resources professionals. ...more

I work at a VERY casual Green Nonprofit. We wear jeans in the office, and I cannot remember the ...more

Fake or Bake Tan

Obviously I am behind in posting this, I realize, as we are approaching Fall. Well, at least in my world we are approaching Fall. My mind continually drifts off to any opportunities to wear jackets and coats all day long. And I am already working on my predictions for SS08 (translation: Spring/Summer 2008). I digress ... to get back on topic, one thing I love no matter the season is a healthy glow. ...more

THANK YOU for promoting the use of sunless tanners and NOT tanning beds!

As a skin cancer ...more

The #2 Anti-Aging Treatment

The #2 anti-aging product is an antioxidant. There are so many great products out there, it becomes personal preference. Are you a serum kind a gal, cream or lotion? I like to switch up between serums and creams. Just know that you need one – applied twice daily. Not only will it help with cell turnover, but it will build collagen…which is ever so important with each ticking day. ...more

The #1 Anti-Aging Treatment

The #1 anti-aging treatment is a prescription retinoid. Topical retinoids boost cell turnover to fight fine lines. It baffles me, on a daily basis, the number of people I know that don’t know this simple fact. Well okay, it seems simple to me. Prior to visiting my dermatologist, I guess I would have to admit I didn’t know this either. ...more

Your Working Wardrobe

I recently commented on a ...more

Fall/Winter Fashion Insight

[my] Predictions ...more

To Microderm or Not To Microderm

Well, of course ... to microderm! ...more

Sunscreen/Sunblock - What's the difference?

Those close to me hear me preach about the importance of wearing a real SPF all the time. You cannot deny the evidence. In the anti-aging world, prevention is everything. The fact of the matter is, chronic sun exposure hinders elastin production, resulting in saggy, lackluster skin. ...more

Thanks for your post.

I do want to mention, however, that the American Academy of Dermatology ...more

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