Trendy & Flattering Swimwear

Warm weather is in the mist and Spring Break is upon us and let us say, we could not be happier! We are currently sitting in our office thinking about soaking up the sun and sipping our skinny margaritas. The Summer 2014 bathing suit collections have been filled with eye catching colors, patterns, and embellishments. We have noticed that a lot of swimwear brands have added in more halter tops and active swimwear to their collections....more

Levi's to Men: Wear the Pants. Women to Levi's: Bad Marketing Decision.

I was once called a Vietnamese Guerrilla Woman for wearing pants, and now Dockers wants to keep me in a skirt. The Web and twitterverse have been all, well.. atwitter about Dockers' new "pants" commercial.   It really is damned annoying, if clever. ...more


Car Reviews for Women by Women on CarBlabber

Where Can I Blab About My Car? CarBlabber on! Is your car sexy? What does your car mean to you? Do you love or hate your car? Is your car a fashion statement or a pile of junk? Ask Patty has just launched our new beta version social network for women to blog about their cars. That’s right. We want you to tell us all about your car and any car you’ve ever owned. You can tell us all the good, bad, and the ugly – we want to hear it all on CarBlabber. ...more