Dear Mike Jeffries, “Abercrombie Kids” I Knew Wouldn’t Call You Cool

When I was a teenager, we didn’t have Abercrombie & Fitch in my mall. I lived in a small town and the best we had was Bluenotes jeans, where my friends and I drooled over “name-brand” jeans in sizes that squeezed the tiny bit of fat on our stomach and thighs, and overpriced T-shirts that were made of cheap cloth and bore an expensive logo. But we wanted Abercrombie clothes. We wanted them because the kids on TV wore them. We wanted them because they looked cool....more
Has Mike Jeffries looked in the mirror lately? Who is he to talk about how someone looks? If his ...more

Fashion Industry, You're Fired.

Both music and fashion reside under an aging idea that they decide what is hot and what isn't. In reality, the big guns in both industries are severely out of touch with changing social climates. Old concepts don't hold true anymore. Runways don't decide beauty in clothes any more than they do in people, and people with normal average sizes have a harder and harder time finding clothes that are flattering/fitting because they are all designed for people considerably smaller....more
I agree with the beginnging of your post regarding problems in finding well fitted clothes. This ...more

Are there too little coloured women in magazines or too many white women?

The fashion industry often is criticized for not using enough coloured models. This lack of coloured models in the high-end fashion industry is merely a reflection of the racism in our society. And a reflection of how the fashion world is merely interested in capturing the time spirit and that it does not have any vision of their own on how the future will or should be.  However, I feel like black people are in a better way presented than white women in fashion magazines, because ... ...more

MAC Makeup Romanticizing Mexican Women's Oppression Ends New Line

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