What Is It About Fast Food That Makes People Want to Argue?

Sooooo…..I walk into the McDonalds and I see that there’s one long line when there should be 3. It’s New York Math. 3 cash registers=3 lines. In a city like mine, time is of the essence and the last thing any of us wants to do is waste our lunch hour waiting for lunch. I usually bring lunch to work but today I’m feeling kinda fancy so I head out to get a salad and some fresh air. But I digress. To my right, I notice a tall blond woman hanging out near the napkins and ketchup. I ask if she is on the line and if she realizes that there are two other cash registers available....more

Do You Want to Know What’s in That Value Meal?

By Sheri L. Hernandez, Program Director, Hospitality Management at American Public University...more

Yale Study: Fast Food Companies Target Black Children

Credit: Joyosity...more

No More Sugar Coating, Panera's

Time for another "Rant or Rave" post. Saturday's shopping chores have always started with a trip to Panera's, for as long as they built one in my neighborhood. Two reasons..... I believe in eating, not drinking, your breakfast (meaning coffee, not smoothies) and it's a break and a nice treat, for me. Vacation, busy weekends and life disrupted our Saturday schedule lately and yesterday was the first time we went back in over a month. Let me tell you, lots can happen in a month. Seems the whole company is getting a makeover. New decor, new foods....more

Fast Food Chains Push Soda for Breakfast

The vaguely mimosa-like Mountain Dew A.M. ...more

Fast Food Is Evil

This week has been a bit rough for me, food wise.  I've been fighting a lot of inner demons with it.  I've pretty much given up diet pop, actually Diet Pepsi and I've quit buying creamers to put in my coffee.  It may be a small thing but a few of the last things I was so reluctant to give up.  With the impending beginning of the colon cleanse that I think will start on Tuesday, I'm trying to ready my body.  I picked up the kit on Thursday and started really reading and planning....more

Q: Should Food Stamps Be Used to Pay for Fast Food?

image via SoapBloxA: Yes. It alleviates hunger and avoids demeaning and intrusive Nanny State regulations....more

Is Access to Healthy Food a Basic Human Right?

Is access to healthy food a basic human right? That's the question being asked by California Governor Jerry Brown....more

We're a Fast-Food Nation. But We Need to Slow Down.

We eat in our cars, at our desks, on the go, in front of the TV. We eat drive-through, take-out, delivered, packaged and prepared meals.We need to slow … down.Consumer trends around the globe show that over the past three decades people are purchasing more prepared foods at the grocery and eating out more. It’s projected that we’ll spend a record amount at restaurants in 2011. We’re consuming an increasing number of calories and bigger portions. Simultaneously, we’re getting less healthy....more
This is so true! I really try to plan ahead. Some Sundays during the school year are dedicated ...more

Updated McDonald's Happy Meal: PR Stunt or Health Win?

Yesterday's announcement that McDonald's will roll out a healthier version of its Happy Meal in September (as well as slowly introducing additional nutrition improvements across the chain's menu) came as a pleasant surprise to many nutrition and food advocates, especially those who have been working to address fast food nutrition through legislative policy change. ...more
I don't know about that....but when I'm traveling, I think superfood drinks are a good way to ...more