Do You Want to Know What’s in That Value Meal?

By Sheri L. Hernandez, Program Director, Hospitality Management at American Public University...more

Yale Study: Fast Food Companies Target Black Children

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No More Sugar Coating, Panera's

Time for another "Rant or Rave" post. Saturday's shopping chores have always started with a trip to Panera's, for as long as they built one in my neighborhood. Two reasons..... I believe in eating, not drinking, your breakfast (meaning coffee, not smoothies) and it's a break and a nice treat, for me. Vacation, busy weekends and life disrupted our Saturday schedule lately and yesterday was the first time we went back in over a month. Let me tell you, lots can happen in a month. Seems the whole company is getting a makeover. New decor, new foods....more

Fast Food Chains Push Soda for Breakfast

The vaguely mimosa-like Mountain Dew A.M. ...more

Fast Food Is Evil

This week has been a bit rough for me, food wise.  I've been fighting a lot of inner demons with it.  I've pretty much given up diet pop, actually Diet Pepsi and I've quit buying creamers to put in my coffee.  It may be a small thing but a few of the last things I was so reluctant to give up.  With the impending beginning of the colon cleanse that I think will start on Tuesday, I'm trying to ready my body.  I picked up the kit on Thursday and started really reading and planning....more

Q: Should Food Stamps Be Used to Pay for Fast Food?

image via SoapBloxA: Yes. It alleviates hunger and avoids demeaning and intrusive Nanny State regulations....more

Is Access to Healthy Food a Basic Human Right?

Is access to healthy food a basic human right? That's the question being asked by California Governor Jerry Brown....more

We're a Fast-Food Nation. But We Need to Slow Down.

We eat in our cars, at our desks, on the go, in front of the TV. We eat drive-through, take-out, delivered, packaged and prepared meals.We need to slow … down.Consumer trends around the globe show that over the past three decades people are purchasing more prepared foods at the grocery and eating out more. It’s projected that we’ll spend a record amount at restaurants in 2011. We’re consuming an increasing number of calories and bigger portions. Simultaneously, we’re getting less healthy....more
This is so true! I really try to plan ahead. Some Sundays during the school year are dedicated ...more

Updated McDonald's Happy Meal: PR Stunt or Health Win?

Yesterday's announcement that McDonald's will roll out a healthier version of its Happy Meal in September (as well as slowly introducing additional nutrition improvements across the chain's menu) came as a pleasant surprise to many nutrition and food advocates, especially those who have been working to address fast food nutrition through legislative policy change. ...more
I don't know about that....but when I'm traveling, I think superfood drinks are a good way to ...more

The "Food" Hangover