Your Burger, With a Side of Dog Food and Ammonia

Question. Would you eat dog food?No?What if it was mixed in with your hamburger meat? Would you eat it then?What if I told you it wasn't your choice? What if it was already in the burgers you are eating?...more


Very interesting (and troubling).  Thanks for taking the time to sign up ...more

The Truth About The Taco Bell Drive-Thru Diet

A woman named Christine Dougherty claims she lost 54 pounds making smarter choices at the Taco Bell drive-thru....more

I love repeating myself!

I did fairly good yesterday. I had a nice breakfast, and when I got hungry in the morning, I had a glass of half skim milk, half 2% milk, and it took care of the hunger. I've heard that the protein helps. ...more

I have no idea what Burger King is trying to imply here

And I thought the BK King commercials were creepy! I can't ignore this one no matter how hard I try. (Thanks, Internet.) What's next, this sandwich becomes an "appendage" of the King? A pre-emptive argument for those who will say "yeah, but the ad got your attention! It did its job!" Sure. But it did nothing to make me want this sandwich or want to go to BK; in fact, it has done the opposite. ...more

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Junk Food Confessions: Part 2

I’m so glad that nobody ventured on here to call me a gross pig for my first set of confessions!  It’s nice to know that the lure of sugary/salty goodness attracts more than just myself.  But…..well…..tonight’s confession just might gross quite a few of you out.  I’m going to talk about a genre of food that is generally considered disgusting.  I might get my Foodie Club card taken away for admitting this, but what the hell.  I LOVE FAST FOOD!  Now grab your antacids and prepare to be over-greased. ...more

Is The Recession Making Us Fat?

A Newsweek article correlates the increase in the obesity rate with the recession. I do not think that the recession is making us fatter. But, it is a good excuse. During difficult times people often turn to anything that is comforting. “Comfort food” isn’t called comfort food for nothing. ...more

World Food Week, Part 6

Meet the Ahmed family of Egypt. They spend about $68 dollars on food a week—for 12 people! I don’t know about you, but I doubt that even Jon and Kate Plus 8 could live on that much. Look at how much food the Ahmeds have for the week. Would this be enough to feed your family? Do you think it’s enough to feed theirs? Nearly all of their food is from vegetables or other fresh sources… how does this compare with the previous families? With your own family? ...more

World Food Week, Part 5

This is the Sobczynscy family of Poland. They spend about $151 on food each week for five family members, averaging about thirty dollars per member. The Sobczynscy family seems to have bought a lot of fresh foods and vegetables. How does this compare with the rest of the families we have featured? Are your family’s shopping habits similar or different? As with every family, we’d like for you to answer this question: Have they spent too much—too little—or just enough, and why? ...more

We are a Polish family as well, in the US. We feed a family of 5 and our weekly food purchases ...more

Could The Recession Be Making More Americans Fat? Is it possible to eat healthy on a budget?

There seems to be evidence that the poor economy is taking its toll on American families and their ability to make healthy food choices. For some it may be that stress is contributing to an increase in emotional eating, and for others it may be the cost of eating healthy. For what ever reason, the recession appears to be having a negative affect on obesity in America. ...more

Great links! I agree with Cherre that in hard times, people are pushed to cook at home or buy ...more

World Food Week, Part 4

This is the Casales family of Mexico. They spend about $190 on food each week, which is nearly half of what the Melanders of Germany spend—and they have an additional family member! So far the Casales family has spent the least amount of money during our food study. The two big questions are: Have they spent this money wisely? (Is it on junk or healthy food—and how does it compare with the families from last week?) And, have they spent too much—too little—or just enough, and why? ...more