Spring Cleaning Your System

Some notes on the importance of seasonal cleanses, from a recent seminar: What is Detoxification: Our bodies naturally detox every day. Detoxification is a normal body process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins through our colon, liver, kidneys, lung, lymph system and skin. In fact, internal detoxification is one of our body’s most basic automatic functions. ...more

Lent: What Does GOD Want From Us ?

 In these first days of Lent, the Church shows us exactly how God wants us topray. fast and serve both His people and worship Him. The words of the first reading from Isaiah 58:1-9 are like brilliant beams of light, cutting through any false notions we might have about this season of repentance that we call Lent....more

Day of Fasting

Lk. 6:1-5  Day of Fasting Today Pope Francis calls for a Day of Fasting praying that the US does not fire missles on Syria; today I fast for that, for Chelse Manning and for Gunatamo Bay.  Two quotes I will meditate upon today:Will Tuttle:The seventh-century Christian mystic Saint Isaac the Syrian asks, “What is a charitable heart? It is a heart which is burning with love for the whole creation, for men, for the birds, for the beasts for all creatures....more

Spiritual Fitness: Fasting is a Spiritual Discipline

At the beginning of a new calendar year or school year, many pastors declare a fast for the members of the congregation.  The length of those fasts varies.  Sometimes the fasts last one week, one month, 40 days, etc.  Declaring a fast at the beginning of the new year is a good decision.  However, fasting must be done more often than once a year or once a season....more

Diurnal Fasting: What Is It and Why You Should Try It

Traditional fasting reduces the risk of numerous chronic diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. However, most people find it quite difficult to completely abstain from foods and beverages for an extended period of time. Those who do abstain often enter starvation mode, which is associated with extreme hunger, cravings, and in some cases, binge eating upon completion of fasting. If you’re interested in taking full advantage of the health-enhancing effects of prolonged fasting, but are afraid that you won’t be able to adhere, diurnal fasting is an excellent alternative....more

The Daniel Fast


Gluten-Free, Now What?

When my Pastor said two weeks ago that this fast would be life-changing. I didn't know exactly how life changing it would be. ...more

January 2013 already!!

It is 2013 already!!  This is the first post for the year- let’s take a second and relish this moment,  I mean really this moment will never come again.  The house is very quiet for me.  Thomas has gone back toFortJacksonto finish up what he needed to get done there then he will come toFortSillfor his AIT training.  I am looking forward to having him that close.  It has been a long time.  We had a great visit over this holiday season.  We were together with family at Christmas and spent the New Year together and I actually stayed awake to see midnight...more

How To Block Your Blessing

Isaiah 59 is a very humbling chapter....more

My fasting journey begins......

I've tried it all, Weight Watchers, Atkins, crazy fitness routines, running, you name it, I've done it, all to no avail.  I am 41 years old and I have been at a complete loss as to how to take off the extra weight I've been carrying around for several years.  So, I've spent the last few months reading everything I can get my hands on, trying to find answers.  First of all, let me tell you that I am completely healthy, besides the need to lose 100+ pounds.  My cholesterol, blood pressure, resting heart rate, etc., are all well within normal ranges....more