I Got Naked for the Camera Because Fat Bodies Need to Be Seen

I will show you my body so that you might see a body that looks like yours.On a down comforter-covered king-size bed, in a Courtyard by Marriott hotel, I got naked for Substantia Jones and the Adipositivity Project.I don't mean that I took off my pants or my shirt. I mean that I took off my clothes, all of them, even the ones underneath. Just me, my bare-naked ass, Substantia and her camera (and my daughter, Kelsey, to tell me I'm a badass)....more
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Where Are All The Body Positive Men?

Insecurity about their bodies is something all men experience — yet finding a man to speak openly about these issues is like finding an oasis in the desert.The body positive movement has swept through the media over the past few years — more and more films are showing people of all body types, plus-size modeling is being celebrated more as women of different sizes are allowed to own their bodies, and people like Nicki Minaj and Meghan Trainor are writing painfully-catchy songs about curvy bodies....more

Is Fat Too Sexy For TV? Lane Bryant VS Victoria's Secret

In today's Fat Can't Possibly Be Sexy news: Lane Bryant. Network TV. Underwear. Fat Phobia.At long last, a commercial that celebrates the outside-the-(TV)-box female form, and of course, in their historically misogynistic fashion, the networks won't air it....more

Would You Give Your Neighbors Permission? #mybigfatfablife

Ah, Whitney, you crack me up. Sometimes, you make me cringe with all that TMI. Your mom is really weird, but your dad - not so much. I don’t really want to watch, yet, I’m still strangely drawn to your Big Fat Fabulous Life which airs on TLC on Tuesdays at 10/9c....more

The Battle To Be Fat & Human

A few months ago, I wrote about what it was like to want to feel cool, especially when you never have felt that way before. That was in response to Abercrombie & Fitch’s CEO telling the world just what he thought of kids that just “didn’t meet the standard of cool” shopping at his store and expecting to find satisfaction. And you’d think, in this day and age, that this sort of idiocy would be left back in high school where it belongs....more

Fat Talk: Why Kids Need to Hear Us Talk About Our Bodies

Everyone in my life has said it at least once. “I don’t like the way I look. I want to change it so that I can feel better.” ...more
Americans have long had an ideal body type when it comes to women but the shape itself has gone ...more

It’s Okay, You’re Just Fat: Finding Medical Care for the Obese

It’s not something that many people talk about when they are ill and need to see the doctor. Like many things surrounding obesity, most people who are obese prefer to swallow their pride and their hurt and try to access treatment for their illnesses, anyway, despite the roadblocks that are thrown up. But I am tired of being someone who smiles tightly whenever my weight is brought up at any doctor’s appointment, no matter if I’m there for my blood pressure or if I’m there for a sore throat....more

Striving For Enough: Being Fat in a Thin World

When you’re a kid, it’s about eating enough. Your parents encourage you to eat as much as you can. I do it to kids all the time as a nanny. “Eat up your supper! Make sure you take three more bites of your vegetables! Come on, one more bite of meat!” As an adult, it’s about regarding food and wondering how many calories it might contain, how much fat might be lurking inside, exactly what it’s going to do to your body. It’s not about eating enough. It’s about eating at all. ...more
It's about time that something like this has been said in people language.  Way ta go!more

I'm Fat and Beautiful!

I’m fat and ugly.  How many times have you heard a beautiful woman say that this week?  How many times have you said it this week?  How many of the women who said it really are fat?  And why does everyone seem to think that fat and ugly are mutually exclusive?...more
Thanks to your post I spent some time today on the NOH8 website. I knew some about it, but ...more

The different faces of health

I have been ruminating over the fact that "health" looks different on every person. Just like no two people look the same, no two healthy lifestyles look the same. Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that the healthy way we live is the healthy way everyone should live, but this isn't necessarily the case. ...more