Father To The Fatherless

 “But you, God, see the trouble of the afflicted; you consider their grief and take it in hand. The victims commit themselves to you; you are the helper of the fatherless.”-Psalms 10:14...more

To My Beautiful Lumen on Father's Day

When my ex-husband Keith and I decided to divorce, I thought my chances of having a second child at my age were no more.  When I reminded myself that there are other ways to conceive a child besides the conventional way, within a marriage, with a husband, I thought about my life and how I hadn't taken many traditional routes, hadn't done things in orthodox ways, and didn't altogether comprehend the lure of the mainstream....more

Give the Man a Chance: Rules for Letting Daddy Learn How to Father

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge that not all babies are born into homes with both a mother and father. Many babies are welcomed into homes with any number of different parenting scenarios. I must say, however, that I particularly like to lovingly poke fun at daddies and how mamas treat daddies. So, for the purposes of this blog, “partner” will be played by the role of “daddy.”  But grandmas, partners, and support people are all included.Rules for Letting Daddy Learn How to Father...more

When Do I Tell Them?

Kid: Mom how was your dad as a dad?Me: Huh?Kid: Yeh how was your dad?Me: What do you mean?Kid: Well was he a good dad like ours?Me: Well my dad... (What should I say. My dad abandoned us the summer of my 10th birthday). Well, my dad didn't live with us.Kid: Neither does our dad....more

Why I Hate December 16th | Missing My Dad

December 16th is my second least favorite day.  Thirteen years ago today, I lost my dad to a sudden heart attack.  He was only 60 years old, and had no major heart problems.  Ten years later (my least favorite day), I lost my mom, so I am truly a middle-age orphan.  Being only 47 and having both parents gone is something I never imagined.  I also never imagined that my kids would not have ...more

How Roy Orbison Saved Me: 30:30 Somethings

I'm a bit ashamed to admit it, but it took a world-shattering event, football and a lil' rock-n-roll to get me and my father back on track, but I'm thankful we did and got to enjoy each other before we couldn't. http://wp.me/p4cuiX-tm...more

How becoming a dad physically changes a man's brain

If you ever doubted the brain's plasticity - it's ability to change and adapt at any age - read this:http://www.wired.com/2014/07/how-becoming-a-father-changes-your-brain/The guy who wrote it, Christian Jarrett, has the perfect mix of experience to write it. He's a cognitive neuroscientist, a science writer and the dad of brand new twins.As he points out, most research has been done on new moms' brains, not dads' brains....more

A Worthy Fight

What type of parent doesn't fight for their child?My father chose to give up.After I was out of my teens, he explained to me that my mother made his life very difficult. There was always an issue with child support or visitation and he couldn't deal with the constant arguing.Six year old me just wanted her daddy.No stories exist about our lives before the divorce. Does anyone remember what my life looked like back then? We were a family. Somewhere down the line, my parents forgot that....more

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Father's Day

Thoughtfulness Thursday: Father’s DayI posted about Mother’s Day in the month of May, but I think it’s equally important to post about Father’s Day. While I have no idea what it feels like to be a father (like I know what it feels like to be a mother) I know that there is great importance with the role of a father....more

Don't Worry, I'm a Professional