When I met my father’s ex

It happened after he passed away. I mean, just passed away – in 2012. “She” was judicious enough to ring us up and arrange a rendezvous prior to her visit to our place. None of us (his family) disapproved. We had no reason to. Thus “she” came. A day when only I was at home. ...more

How The World’s Quietest Man Taught Me The World’s Loudest Lessons

My Dad deep down despises the internet and social media. He can’t stand walking into a room and seeing his family, with their ‘noses all in their phones and faces down.’ As a marketing professional with a strong grasp on all things social media and digitally related, he still to this day, eight years into my career, cannot fully understand what I do or how it impacts business....more

My Impossibly High Expectations of My Father

It was January 2005 and we were celebrating my sister’s birthday in my Upper West Side apartment with my father and his new wife. We were ordering sushi for dinner and as we were discussing who would have salmon or tuna, my father looked over at my sister and me, and with a smirk on his face said, “Natasha can’t have raw fish.”...more

A father is important in a child's life - MyPrecious.One

It seems like any man can father a child, but there is a lot more than just that. One needs to know the important role of being a dad in your child's life. Here you will get a glimpse of who is a father and why is he so important. ...more

Why we need good Dads

Whenever people see my family for the first time, they tend to stare at my son, then my husband, then me. They are trying to see who my son resembles more. Most people ultimately give up and declare that my son is a perfect blend of my husband and I. (We think so, too.) I like knowing that my son is part me and part my husband, because we both - like all parents - have a big role to play....more

How to win big with your hubby on Father’s Day

It’s only June 1st but it’s never too early to start talking about Father’s Day.  I know with two kids and school just ending for us, or for some of you, ending just this week, planning ahead is key in how to win big with your hubby on Father’s Day.5 Winning gift suggestions for Father’s Day...more


I don't know how it happened. One night last year, my wife suggested that we watch "I Don't Know How She Does It."With my tastes ranging from art house to vintage Woody Allen, I protested, but eventually agreed. Some nights you just give up when you cannot decide. Some nights you need a "light one" and a pick-me-up. And so, we watched.The pandering and flawless looks aside, it hit a nerve. My wife's a manager at Estee Lauder and an ex-consultant. We have a two year-old and one more on the way....more

The Power of the Purr

My father hated cats – until he cared for Bijou.His feelings toward cats had their roots in his childhood. Once his mother was bitten by a stray cat that she was trying to help. For that, my father held a grudge. Bijou changed his mind....more

Dads do make a difference.

It is rightly said that a child needs a mother the most, but it also needs a father.Have you ever imagined your life without your father in it? Ever thought how life would be like if it didn't have that one person who was a reason you came into this world.I have not just only thought about these questions but have also experienced them and to be quite honest, it is definitely not a favorable deal. ...more