My Father's Chair


A Bittersweet Father's Day Gift


Focus on my father...

My husband made it a practice of naming his children only after he saw them face to face, and so we had no list of potential girl or boy names stockpiled. When you have four children weighing in on the decision as well, it isn't a quick one, and, therefore, when I left the hospital with my newborn son, his birth certificate simply read "No Name Dagen." All I knew was that I wanted to honor my father, John Edward Souders, by using some part of his name; I thought we could also honor my father-in-love Thomas Thrower Mayo by using part of his name....more

Death with Father

A dream. The guests mill around noiselessly as I scan the room for my father. I’m peering through gauze. This must be a party, because Dad’s wearing a tuxedo. He’s only worn one a few times, and I’m tempted to go up and ask him when the canapés are being served. Now doesn’t seem the time for joking, though. Dad’s busy floating from person to person. He keeps glancing at his watch....more

The Imperfect Father

 by Barbara Nevins TaylorOn his 75th birthday my father lifted a glass to his wife and the group that gathered around him in the private room of his favorite steak restaurant. “To my best friends in the world, right now,” he said....more

You Call Yourself A Dad?

Sometimes, I wish Father’s Day would go away. I wish that Hallmark and Dayspring would forget to print all those cards…Not because I didn’t have a good dad. I did. But for the sake of the children who weren’t so lucky. Because for those children, young and old, Father’s Day is a reminder of loss and disappointment....more

A Year Ago Today

A year ago today we buried my dad – the day after Mother’s Day, a holiday that will forever be bittersweet. He was my best friend, my confidant, and unconditional love. My world ended....more

Happy Anniversary, Fartbuster!

It’s April 22, y’all!  Happy Anniversary to Fartbuster, wherever he may be. We married in the backyard at my dad and stepmother’s house on a perfect spring evening.  Now, don’t be picturing some trailer park hoe-down.  Their backyard is SWANKY.  Boxwood hedges line a lush clipped lawn under soaring pecan trees....more