Asking A Father's Permission: Romantic or Chauvinist?

Before my ex-husband proposed to me, he met with my mother for dinner to disclose our intentions and ask for my family's blessing. Not too long in the past, this kind of meeting had a very specific purpose -- and not one that I look back on with any sort of nostalgia. Back then, it was not a blessing that was asked of the future bride's family, but permission and it wasn't so much a gesture as it was a negotiation. ...more
Well, if it's important to the bride - just do it. But otherwise... I think it's rather ...more

If He Doesn't Build It, Maybe She Won't Go

Here we are, FOUR DAYS until Caitlin's wedding.  WOW!  These 8 months have flown by.  Robby has officially admitted to "surrendering" to whatever we want or need to finish this event up.  I have completed all of the tasks that were set before me and I must say that, although, I am a bit weary, it feels good to have accomplished everything I was given.  Robby, however, still has not completed the few "important" tasks he was given. ...more

Living Wth The "FATHER OF THE BRIDE"...Funnier On Film Than In Real Life!

One of my favorite movies is, "Father of the Bride".  It doesn't matter how many times I have watched that movie; it always makes me laugh.  Whenever Caitlin announced that she was engaged and we began the wedding planning, I suddenly found myself living with THE FATHER OF THE BRIDE!  I was no longer laughing at that movie...I was LIVING it. ...more
I am glad I eloped. ;-)more