Rants about snow and customer service

Rant alert! It's that time of year in the UK again. Yep, the time of the year where a state of near 'National Emergency' is declared, with roads becoming grid-locked, trains grinding to a halt, schools closing and supermarket shelves being emptied as people panic buy food. 'Christ! What's happened?' I hear you cry. You may well ask. A light dusting of snow happened, that's what. And yet it's like bloody Sodom and Gomorrah, except with snow instead of fire and brimstone. ...more

No worries! Thanks for stopping by - I appreciate it!

Annie (Lady M) x


Holiday traditions from around the world - from graveside candles to a wandering witch

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Yep, Austria also has the Christkindlmrkt -- I attended in Innsbruk. That is a tradition that I ...more